11:11 Portal Awakening Your Inner Light And Higher Self

We have walked through a door that we cannot close. We are all heading in the same direction: Awakening. If you have not experienced a complete awakening, there are symptoms and events that have occurred that will show you the changes that you have made in the past fifteen years. Some of us have had old emotions surface with a vengeance we thought were long gone. It’s okay. The last vestiges of these old patterns have been evacuated or even vomited out of us. I feel better, don’t you?

What’s New Today?

The 11:11 opening is a door or portal that leads us to the 5th dimension. In the 3rd dimension, we could be victims, negative and in poverty consciousness. In the 5th dimension, we are vibrating at a much higher rate, seeing things from a different perspective and feeling very differently about events. You may feel a disconnect (though it isn’t really a disconnect as we cannot be disconnected from someone who we were formerly very connected with). The disconnect might be that you feel far away from certain people temporarily. You might feel that your children aren’t hearing you or receiving the same information as you. It’s okay. We will all get there eventually.

Meditation Connects Us To Our Higher Self

Meditation is one way to connect with our higher self to elicit change. Having our energy field and thoughts in a high vibration makes a huge difference in what we attract. Living in joy is our natural state. When we live in a state of joy and gratitude we manifest in the moment. Good things come to us at every turn because we know the universe supports us and we deserve it.

How Can I Get Into Joy When I Feel Bad?

  1. Raise Your Vibration with music.
  2. Dance into joy.
  3. Meditate quieting the mind daily for twenty to forty minutes.
  4. Do mantras that make you feel positive and loved. (I AM LOVED….. I LOVE ME. I AM ENOUGH. I AM DESERVING.)
  5. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. High vibrational foods raise your vibration.
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Don’t use fluoride.
  8. Do the 5 Tibetan Rites.
  9. Exercise.
  10. Walk in nature.
  11. Connect with people who LOVE you!
  12. Don’t take crap from your website creators or anyone else who attempts to make you feel bad.
  13. Have healthy boundaries.


You May Change Your Mind

You may decide to stop doing Internet dating. You might decide to allow someone to literally show up on your doorstep rather than going out hunting for them. That’s perfectly okay. We will meet those that we are meant to. Even if it means they end up sitting right next to us at a group table, or staying in the next room at our Air B and B which happened this week while I was in Fort Lauderdale. Miracles are happening everywhere. Notice, breathe and be present. What I will tell you though is if you have limiting beliefs about men, women or relationships, heartbreak or risk these energies will stand in our way of having what we think we want. Our beliefs govern our lives. We can clear our beliefs, which is what I do for my coaching clients. Our unconscious mind is what rules our lives. There are several ways that we can reprogram our brains to allow new events to arrive in our lives. Mantras are one. Changing our mindset through cognitive therapy or energy clearing is another.

Bait and Switch

If you follow me on FaceBook, you may be aware that I am a conference this week in Fort Lauderdale. I planned this event very carefully, taking care of all the details in advance, or so I thought. I flew in on Virgin America from LAX to discover I was unable to rent a car at the airport. Since my birthday was at the end of October, my license had expired. With my concussion, I forgot to renew my driver’s license. The fact that my Guides didn’t remind me was evidence that things happened exactly as they were meant to.

I knew that the fact that my plans had changed meant something very different was in store for me. I had to look for other ways to get around. Instead of renting a car, I used Uber. Each car I got into was a new and exciting experience, meeting new people, having conversations with men from Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela. In my first ride, I met Barbara and Cabbie. Barbara is a retired nutritionist moving to Boca Raton and Cabbie was a radio announcer and professional singer.


On my second day, I couldn’t find an Uber ride. I kept getting an error message. After attempting to hail an Uber for thirty minutes, I walked outside and began to flag people down. The third car I saw was driven by a woman of color. She stopped and told me to get in the back seat with her little 9-year old son, Adrian. Not only did she drive me all the way to the Westin Beach Resort, she wouldn’t accept a penny for the ride. She asked me to pay it forward. As I was getting out of her car, I was wiping tears off my face from the gratitude I felt for this complete stranger that drove me right to the door of the Westin Hotel. The fact that I am telling you about this miracle is for you to see that when one door closes, others will open. We only have to turn to focus on the solution, rather than the problem.

What Does This Story Have To Do With You?

Often when a door closes we tell ourselves the story that “Oh, “I’ll never be able to get there because I don’t have the money, or that we are afraid to do something differently. If I hadn’t flagged down Pita and she hadn’t stopped for me, I would have missed the most pivotal day of my conference. I could have said, “Well I guess I can’t go.” But I didn’t let the fact that Uber wasn’t working stop me. There is always another way to do something. As humans, we have a tendency when we are in 3D consciousness to believe there is only one way. That is simply not true. There are always unlimited opportunities in the Universe that we as humans can’t possibly see. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


Magic Happens Outside Of Our Comfort Zone

While most people are waiting to take bold action, they are hoping to gain confidence. However, the truth is the opposite. We need to take bold action and our confidence will be strengthened. What I do with my clients is help them to get out of their way to take bold actions in their lives to be and do what they dream of. Whether it is to be more authentic, open your heart completely and accept the date when he asks. Or have the business you desire. My message to you is that you won’t get more confident if you don’t take a bold move. It won’t fall out of the sky into your lap. Fear can stop us from taking bold action. I would love to work with you to empower you to take your bold action and get out of your own way. If not now, when? If you haven’t done it by yourself till now, will you do it tomorrow on your own? Decide to take bold action.

If we stay in the little box we have painted for ourselves we are stuck with the same thing we had last year, the year before that and the decade before that. If you want change, we have to do something differently. You have what it takes. I have complete faith in you!

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