Feeling Grateful For Today and Always

For some, Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that they express gratitude. If you are looking for a better life, adopting gratitude as a daily rather than a once a year practice is a very easy and powerful way to change your life for the better. In fact, you could call this the upgrade of a lifetime,  even better than the iPhone X!

Looking for the little things that impact us, the neighbor that smiles rather than rants, the lady who lets you in ahead of her in the line at Costco because your cart is so small, or getting a hug from a loved one. It is the small things that really matter. Being grateful for each of our gifts or blessings turns our attitude around. If our attitude is negative and we live without expressing gratitude we are taking life and the wonderful things we have for granted.

Look around you. Notice the homeless person on the street corner asking for a dollar so that they can possibly have one meal today. So many suffering. There will always be others with less than what we have. If your worry is whether or not you can buy a new iPhone this year or not, you are far better off than many that don’t have one.

Gratitude is the fastest way to turn up the volume on good feelings. The more grateful we are for those around us who are friends, lovers, partners, spouses the more appreciation we begin to have. Gratitude opens our hearts and raises our vibration faster than anything. If you feel negative, find something to be grateful for, not just pay lip service to. When we tap into the energy of gratitude everything shifts. Gratitude is equal energetically to that of love.

Feeding the many
Feeding homeless in a homeless shelter

I have been writing my blog now for six years. In those six years, I spent more than half of them alone for Thanksgiving. My family was elsewhere and I decided not to travel. Instead, I worked at homeless shelters serving food to those who didn’t have a Thanksgiving dinner of their own. Those Thanksgivings have given me plenty to remind myself of and make me infinitely more grateful.

I wish you and your family a safe and loving Thanksgiving where you bask in gratitude and joy rather than complaints and negativity. Many years have passed since I couldn’t find a thing to be grateful for, getting out of the old story of woe and letting go of the victimhood was a huge part of the shift. I invite you to drop the old story and find a new and happier memory to focus on, in fact, create a new memory this year that is one you will enjoy remembering. Life is what we make it and is way too short to waste it on anything less. I am grateful to you. Thank you for reading my blog today. May you be greatly blessed with love, peace, and happiness this year and always.


With All my love,


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