New Year, Mad Dogs and Scottish Men

The Year of the brown earth dog begins officially on February 16th the second new moon after the winter solstice. The dog is the eleventh animal of the Chinese zodiac and is a symbol of honesty and loyalty. Dogs possess the some of the best traits of human nature. They have great determination are friendly, smart, straightforward with a strong sense of responsibility. They can attain the highest level of achievement if they choose to. Dogs have excellent manners, work hard make up their minds easily, appreciate luxury and all the goodness in life. This year is one to spend more time dining with friends, in a community, participating in fun activities, going shopping and playing. 

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What can we expect this year? 

Just think of a little puppy and how excited he is, lovingly wriggly expressing himself showing his love all over going from one person to the next. A dog doesn’t hold anything back they operate from their heart. This year is all about puppy love and loyalty, excitement and unbounded joy. It is about expressing emotions openly. Learning to speak our truth in the moment with compassion, rather than anger or reactivity. Though dogs can also be about snarling anger that rears up very quickly where we might be snapped at viciously to put us in our place. Having our heart in balance is important this year.

Think about the dogs you know. I mean the four-legged variety. They are alert, listen well, dismiss fears, they guide, defend and protect us. They stop bullies in their tracks. They are hugely generous giving of their love, affection, and attention; then they sleep for hours. Dogs are loyal to a fault. They can be the best leaders, are usually ethical, idealistic and know the difference between right and wrong. They are our faithful friend. As you know I have two dogs, one that just turned 20 in 2017. I will tell you that dog has been a faithful friend wanting to go everywhere with me, protecting my car and belongings. She watches me and notices when I change my clothes. She is observant, noticing what I am doing kind of like a husband! She is expressive showing displeasure quickly as much joy and happiness when out in nature or on the beach. When I smile she perks up and feels happier. Think of this in the coming months. Smile more, feel happier.

The negative side of dogs is that they can be terribly stubborn, critical of others and not good in large groups or in social interactions.

Dogs will stop at nothing to save the day. There are countless stories of dogs who save their masters. Scotland’s famous dog Greyfriars Bobby is the most loved object in Edinburgh, if you join me this year for my book-writing retreat you will get to see this statue. Yes, I’m taking 7 people who want to learn how to channel a book to Scotland to be inspired. I digress.

This pooch, Greyfriars Bobby was born on May 4, 1, 55 belonged to John Gray who was a watchman for the Edinburgh City Police. The dog was so devoted to his owner that after Gray died in 1858, Bobby spent the rest of his life (a full fourteen years) sitting beside his master’s grave. In 1867, Sir William Chambers, The Lord Provost of Edinburgh a director of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals presented the dog with a commemorative collar (now on display at the Museum of Edinburgh and paid for his license to prevent him from being euthanized.

Greyfriars Bobby Pub and statue

When Bobby passed away on January 14, 1872, he was given his own burial in the same graveyard as his owner. There are other versions of the story and some believe he died in 1867 and was replaced by an imposter, fed by grieving visitors in the churchyard. In 1873 Lady Burdett-Coutts was so touched by the story she commissioned a statue of the terrier which was placed on top of the drinking fountain opposite the entrance to the churchyard. It attracts a steady stream of visitors many rub Bobby’s nose for good luck.

There are many other stories of loyal dogs. Dorado was a service dog owned by a blind technician in the Twin Tower by Omar Eduardo Rivera. After the Twin Towers were hit on 9/11 Rivera took off the dog’s leash and ordered him to go, but with the noise and melee, Dorado was soon back right at his master’s feet. He stayed with him the entire time assisting the coworker to help his master climb down 70 down, and an hour later the building collapsed.

Let’s breathe!

Dogs are loyal. They love, serve and protect us. Use these stories as you go forward into this new year. Remember to rest as often as you can because dogs play hard, but they also sleep several times a day. Overdoing it could be one of the biggest issues we all have this year.

So what happens for the Chinese on New Year’s Day February 16th? They go to a temple which is usually decked out with great big blow-up replicas of the animal of the year being celebrated.They pray, they meditate and chant. Chinese people wear new clothes on the Chinese New Year, new shoes, as they celebrate this new energy and wish each other a prosperous year – congratulating one another. The Chinese New year is the biggest holiday of the year. Often a bowl full of oranges on a coffee table or dining room table is set out symbolizing wealth and prosperity. All the corners of their homes are swept out of the old energy before the coming New Year.

Between now and February 16th, it is very beneficial to clean your home like you would a spring cleaning. Sweep into the corners or every room moving the old energy out. De-clutter. Organize and create a zen environment.

What can we expect in this dog year?

There will be a continuation of increased social awareness and interest in those who are not in places of power. The opposite social injustice/social inequality will continue to be brought to the forefront of people’s minds and we will begin to elicit change.

This year will be much more neutral than the previous two years. YAY! The beginning of the year we may feel a lot of pressure to accomplish our goals. We all have to be careful with spending this year. It could be easy to have too much fun! For those with challenges at the beginning of the year, it will end up working out okay.

Everything will be imbued with dogs keen sense of right and wrong. The better your compatibility with the sign of the dog you have the better you will fare this year. Those that are dogs will fare best when standing on their own feet. We all need to take responsibility for ourselves and speak our truth with compassion. Honesty is of utmost importance. Anger can come up quickly just like a dog. My dog has been attacked a few times recently. Once with a dog that she was friends with. Dogs will curl their lips when they feel they are threatened. When the other dog doesn’t back from a fight ensue. If you sense someone is being threatened… Back off. Watch if you are not being honest with yourself or others. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t be wishy-washy this year. Stand on your own two feet and be careful with overspending. Money can come in and go out very easily. Recharge your energy getting enough rest. Legal issues could drag on a very long time this year. Watch your temper. Communicate carefully if you are in a relationship. If you are single ladies, this is your year. Put on a dress and get out and dance! There are plenty of eligible men.  Men….. Sorry, this could be a challenging year for those single men.

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