How To Tell If He Cares About You?

How to tell if he loves you

We have to be available emotionally and step beyond our comfort zone to have what we want. We can’t fence sit hemming and hawing about whether we want the guy who really wants us. The guy who is really interested will surprise you that he heard what was said. He remembers your birthday, your mother’s name and even your brother’s.

A man who is interested will express to you that he has the financial and emotional wherewithal¬†to support you if you need it. He can sit with you, laugh with you and cry with you. He’ll boost you when you feel down, without putting you down. He’ll be there for you when times get tough. He’ll pick you up off the floor and dust you off and tell you to get on out there and do it again. Men don’t want us to chase them. If we need to phone them and text them to “get them to call us,” they aren’t interested.

The days of mistreating ourselves are over. 2018 is the year to get the love you want, but you have to get beyond your comfort zone. We have to risk everything to have it all. The guy who is worth it will let you know it. You won’t have to chase him.


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