Meltdowns, Blowups and Other Pity Parties of The Ego

A full moon can bring up all sorts of emotions we didn’t realize were hiding beneath the surface. We might not sleep as well during the full moon cycle or be more emotional.

If you don’t buy into the Astrology thing, you might want to read about how  Nancy Raegan used an astrologer to set up meetings with dignitaries to ensure the highest and best outcome for the world and protect her husband.

The sun, moon, stars, and planets are very real. These planetary influences affect us from the tides to how emotional we feel from day to day. This emotional melting pot created quite a stir for many on Thursday and Friday of this week, including myself. Situations will blow over quickly if we step back and chill allowing our emotions to flow through us. Breathe deeply to experience the fullness of these emotions as they will only surface again with a vengeance. Holding in emotions causes suffering and even illness like sinus infections and stomach upsets.

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My personal experience with this full moon was cathartic. I have been praying for my mother to recognize what she didn’t when I was a child. She didn’t protect me and for years I was molested by my brother. Yesterday, I received a letter from her with a full apology saying she never knew and how could she have missed it for all those years. She went on to say that she thought she was a good mother, which caused me to break down and weep. I was so relieved by her confession and finally recognizing that I wasn’t the one who ruined my brother’s life, for years she had made me the perpetrator. Yesterday’s note to me was the breakthrough and healing I have been praying for. I am so grateful that I never gave up on my mother as my brothers did. They said she would never change. I know her realization has cracked her open at the soul level and her heart is wide open! What a gift. How much time does she have left? I have no idea as she is turning 96 in July. I am just grateful it happened.

What You Need To Know

2018 is the year of love and achieving our highest potential. Jupiter moved into Scorpio October 10th, 2017 and will be there an entire year. This represents the vast spirit of the ever changeable wind. Spirit’s divine plan will manifest as a potent and surprising, ever-changing, divine flow within us. We are not going to be able to control this energy, but it will direct us toward what is best for our spiritual growth.It is time for you to do and be true to yourself and move out into the world in a bigger way. If you have a book or work you have been sitting on, this is the year to complete it.

All these planetary shifts were set in advance for our awakening and healing of old issues. If you haven’t been able to set boundaries with friends, loved ones and co-workers your pattern will be highlighted so strongly that there will be no doubt in your mind of the work needed. Whatever your biggest issues are anything lying hidden beneath the surface in the murky shadow will rise with a vengeance in August. Eclipses are known for transformation and change giving rise to eruptions of rage and ego-trips of self-pity uncovering the oldest of wounds.

  1. Witness your emotions.
  2. Breathe deeply as the feelings rise within you.
  3. Allow yourself to feel it fully, and it will soon pass.
  4. If anger arises ask yourself were your boundaries crossed? Do you tend to say nothing rather than express how you feel? Change that pattern. Speak your truth from your heart rather than ego.
  5. Watch as you blame others for your anger.
  6. Notice your old patterns and forgive yourself.
  7. Telling people in a loving, compassionate way works wonders rather than unleashing explosive anger on unsuspecting button pushers.
  8. Don’t blame the person who triggered you.
  9. Take responsibility for your issues.
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Some of the more sensitive beings on this planet are already feeling the rise of emotions and dark shadowy patterns that remain. Continuing to ignore these issues will cause more pain and suffering. Work with me once and feel lighter, happier, more focused and empowered. Work with me twice and you will begin to change those old patterns so that the next time the universe hoses you with its astrological dynamite you are ready!

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