Monday Morning Blues? 5 Ways to Increase Seratonin Levels Without Drugs

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

What if I could tell you that you can get high without prescription drugs? Serotonin is the feel-good hormone that is produced in the brain. Following these suggestions daily will naturally increase the levels of this wonderful hormone to feel happy, joyful and high on life!

1. Mindfulness Meditation
Meditation has been scientifically proven to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain and enhance mood. Meditation also increases the ability to synthesize serotonin, which is a double-positive-whammy of good feelings. Meditation has been proven to prevent depression relapses creating a shift in focus from negative emotions to a state of relaxed positivity. Negative moods are related to negative outcomes.
Mindful meditation focuses on breath and bodily sensations rather than on problems and issues. Mindfulness and meditation both allow the individual to focus on what they are feeling rather than the problem or issue that is arising. 
Sitting in meditation only ten minutes a day can improve your mood, reduce pain and shift your emotional state from low to high.
A positive mood increases longevity as it increases your connection with something greater than yourself.  Instead of feeling alone, you feel connected. 
2. Get Outside in The Sunlight. We need light to be happy. Exposure to light all year round has been proven to raise serotonin levels in the brain. Not only has sunlight been linked to seasonal depression cures but also non-seasonal depression. Our internal workings are light-filled. The sun is our source of light and joy. The great thing about sunshine is that it is free.  3. Conscious Lovemaking. Making love with someone you care about and have a connection with will increase levels of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. All these chemicals increase your level of well-being and connection, which are essential to feeling high on life. Loving touch increases our well-being and happiness. Feeling down? Make love. 
4. Exercise daily. Serotonin-dopamine, and endorphins increase with daily exercise. All of these hormones make you feel good. The best form of exercise to improve your mood is aerobic exercise.  Do some form of exercise you love. For me, it is dancing. I love music as it can shift my mood quickly while moving my body feels good, tones and charges me up with those feel-good hormones. Music has been proven to increase your level of engagement in an exercise and push you to higher limits of ability and challenge. The brain’s ability to use serotonin also increases with exercise. Daily exercise keeps you in the zone of feeling happy Take a walk where flowers and trees abound. Enjoy the beauty wherever you are. 
5. Breathe consciously. People who breathe deeply affirm life. Those who hold their breath and breathe shallowly have a low sense of self, or low self-esteem. Affirm life daily by breathing deeply. If you forget, set your phone to chime every hour and spend a few minutes breathing deeply.  My daughter recently went through a breakup. She called me while walking. At the end of our conversation she reported feeling high. She was walking quickly and talking to me while she walked. She was breathing more deeply because of the intense exercise. It was a big surprise to her to see how much better she felt with the deep breathing and brisk walking.  From someone who has grown up in the 70’s I know what getting high feels like. The high I experience daily without drugs is far superior to the high back then low of taking drugs or drinking alcohol. 
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