What Does It Mean When A Guy Ghosts Me?








If a guy doesn’t text back or respond to your messages what does it mean? We need to pay attention to a person’s actions. Maybe their words are sweet and they tell us they are interested, but they don’t respond to a photo we send, or answer a text message within an hour or two, the writing is on the wall.

Someone who is interested will give us their attention, time and is available both physically and emotionally. If he isn’t texting back, he’s not interested. A guy who cares about us will respond, answer our texts and tell us we look gorgeous when we send a beautiful image.

Relationships are the mirror to our soul and tell us what is missing from us. If we have to pose naked to get a response, we need to go back to the drawing board and write our list again of what we want in a partner. Relationships are challenging and bring up our deepest issues. If we have abandonment issues from the past, we need to heal it. We need to give ourselves more love and attention and be bulletproof, knowing our worth.

You deserve love. If someone doesn’t take the time to respond, let them go. You deserve to have someone who gives you what you need.


How can we expect someone to spend time with us if we don’t want to be alone with ourselves? How can we expect anyone to love us if we don’t love ourselves? Each of us deserves to be loved. Not everyone deserves to be around you though. Make good choices. Only allow those who love and support you and encourage you. If we are here to set the world on fire we need people around us who get us and want to be with us. Don’t waste time and tears with those who can’t be bothered.

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