Stay Youthful, With Vibrant Health At Any Age

Each of us has the power of our thoughts and words to create ill health or vibrant health. About twenty-five years ago I discovered that my thoughts were killing me. I had Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and auto-immune disease, sinus infections and bladder infections. I was a mess! When I began to love myself fearlessly and stopped worrying about what others thought of me my health turned around, depression lifted and my anxiety disappeared. Loving myself and changing the focus on my words to be positive, life-affirming and health affirming made all the difference.

I was so determined to have a better life, I read every self-help book I could find. I researched, learned and changed my focus. When my focus changed, everything shifted. Instead of saying I was sick, I began to thank God for my vibrant health. Instead of focusing on the pain I felt, I loved myself even more. As I began to accept myself the way I was rather than attempting to be something different to make others happy I began to be filled with ease, rather than dis-ease.

Taking responsibility for my health and happiness became my quest. To this day, I still say a prayer of gratitude for my vibrant health and my youthful look. Not bad for going on sixty-something! You can do this too. Rather than focusing on getting sick, focus on getting well! Instead of owning illnesses by saying, “I AM SICK.” Use a positive expression instead and say, “I AM WELL.” Following are a few of the mantras I use on a regular basis.

Thank you for my vibrant health

Thank you for my youthful face.

Every day I am getting younger and younger.

My body is at my perfect weight.

I love my body.

I love my face.

I love myself.

Thank you for me!

Can’t do this alone? I’d be glad to help. Let’s have a conversation. E-mail me at and we’ll have a conversation by phone or Zoom to see how we can work together.

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