5 Steps To Self Love

Sometimes we complicate life and don’t even realize it. From someone who has done it all wrong and now knows what it means to love themselves, I’m very serious when I say I live in a state of happiness and bliss every day. I used to suffer from anger, depression, conflict in all my relationships and money issues. This is exactly what I did to change my life and become happy.

5 steps to self love

The amazing thing is that my health improved my energy level increased and I began to look younger than I did ten years ago. Self-realization is a powerful side-effect of loving ourselves. When we achieve self-realization the feelings of being lost, broken and lonely completely dissolve.


When we let go of our past story, forgive and take responsibility for our happiness and health we move out of codependency, fear is no longer present and we step into a higher and true version of who we are. We aren’t our fears, we aren’t our thoughts and we certainly aren’t victims. Why wouldn’t you want to have all aspects of your life to change? Pain is what brought me to search, seek and study. Now I have no pain whatsoever including emotional, regret or longing.

Taking small steps each day toward your goal will get you there. The most important aspect is our thoughts. We create everything with the thoughts we think. Changing thoughts alone will change your life. When our thoughts become positive, we begin to turn away from the negative and focus on what we desire which brings it to us speedily when we love all of ourselves, even the faults and foibles.

Each day by focusing on ourselves rather than everyone else, we move towards loving acceptance. The kinder we are to ourselves, the better we begin to feel. Instead, of berating or criticising be compassionate and loving to you. Saying things like, “I should have known better,” or “What is the matter with me?” may seem innocuous, but they are very damaging to our self-esteem.

Think of what you would do if you were dating someone. You would be on your best behavior, asking questions and getting to know the other person. How well do you know yourself? If you are anything like I was when I began this journey in my early thirties you probably don’t know what you like, what you like to do and what you are passionate about. Do you know your core values? Do you know what makes you happy? If not, sit down and write a list and do something that makes you happy daily.

You deserve the best treatment. How do you talk to yourself in private, or in your head? Change your thoughts change yourself. Change your focus and change your world.

Do you feel you can’t do this on your own? Or do you feel you don’t want to take thirty years to get there like I did doing it on my own? You don’t have to. I would love to hear about your issues. Send me an e-mail or book a private get acquainted session with me right here on my calendar and see how I can help you. You are worth loving. You deserve love and you deserve it starting right now. I have packages that will help you shift your perspective and your life so that you can have what you so desire, happiness, love and abundance.


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