Get Exactly What You Want When You Want It!

Life is magical for us when we get out of our way. Old patterns of self-doubt or a lack of trust keep us from having everything we ever wanted and more!

Maybe you can relate to setting up roadblocks like me, with negative and limiting beliefs about myself, love, life, and men that blocked me from having what I wanted. When we lovingly accept ourselves completely, remove the blocks and beliefs about love, life, and men that limit us we become unlimited. Manifesting happens in the moment. In other words, we don’t have to wait!

What does that mean? We can have exactly what we want when we want it. Here’s proof from my one-week trip to Scotland.

What We Intend Shows Up Effortlessly!
In 2017, I put out to the universe that I wanted to be out in the world in a bigger way: 5 Telesummits showed up recently that did just that. Hundreds of Thousands of more people are hearing about me quickly. What’s in it for you? Free gifts, free healing and free resources that can help you. I’m raising my energy even higher. Here is the latest. You don’t have to take part if you don’t want to, but why would you hold yourself back from your good? Unless you don’t want your life to improve, that may be a reason.

Manifesting Made Easy

I asked, “How can I easily and effortlessly do destination retreats to foreign lands?” I knew I needed the travel taken off my plate.

A high school friend messaged me and asked if I was ready to start doing destination retreats in Scotland? He is a tour guide and travel agent who returned to his native roots in Scotland. Allan Jenkins is a really nice guy, too nice for me in high school because I was busy attracting bad boys who hurt me. All I had to do was buy my plane ticket and he paid for the rest! Holy cow! I expressed gratitude.

Asking For What You Want And Getting It

When I drove to the parking deck to park my car at the LA airport, I simply said, “I’m feeling lucky!” I wanted the trip to be positive from beginning to end. I found a parking spot in a prime location right where I wanted it where it is usually full. I didn’t say to myself, “I’ll never find a spot here!” I expressed gratitude for my excellent luck finding a parking spot.

After parking, I entered the bus terminal to the airport there were only a few people scattered on the chairs in the waiting room and no one standing in line for the bus. I bought my ticket thinking I’d miss the bus and have to wait and the woman at the counter told me I was the last person and to hurry before the bus left. BOOM! Another win! This luck thing was really great.

The entire trip to Scotland was magical with synchronicities, the exact same people showing up repeatedly at the different places we visited and we visited plenty. We saw ancient castles, churches, mountains, streams, lochs, glens, battlefields, standing stones, burial cairns that were over 4,000 years old and natural beauty. I enjoyed what was around me. We ate fabulous food drank tea and I enjoyed one lager and lime a lovely Scottish beer without preservatives with my dinner. I am not much of a drinker but do like a beer every now and again.

I discovered the reason Scotch is made in Scotland, it is the delicious fresh mountain spring water. There is no chlorine in the drinking water out of the faucet, it was the best spring water I’ve ever had. Tea tastes better because of the delicious clean water. There is no pollution in Scotland, instead, your lungs are filled with fresh clean air.

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland
Rosslyn Chapel built in 1442 made famous by The Da Vinci Code

We stayed in gorgeous B&Bs where breakfast was amazing and I could make tea in my room, with an electric kettle and a little teapot. Magic was around every corner. On my last full touring day, Allan asked if I had ever heard of Rosslyn Chapel? I never mentioned it to him because I thought it was too far out of the way. Visiting this chapel had been a dream of mine since 2003 when  I read The Da Vinci Code. Without asking my wishes were being granted. The universe knows what we want when we are clear. When we are wishy-washy going backward and forward, changing our mind we are stuck in limbo-land without the limbo dance bar and Trinidadian music!

Exiting the Rosslyn Chapel 

A ceiling of the Rosslyn Chapel

I saw a young man in a kilt doing a video for a documentary on the chapel. I congratulated him when he was done for nailing it. Two men were manning the camera and another holding the iPad with his script for him to read. I began to walk away when in my head I heard, “Get his picture.” I asked if he minded a photo, and then pushed it further for impact and asked if he minded if I sat on his knee. He was quite amenable and had a good laugh about it.

The entire trip went off without a hitch the rainy weather forecast every day ended up being only one of the seven days and a few sprinkles here and there when we were inside. Yes, it was cooler than California it just didn’t bother me. Around every corner was a fabulous view a village with history, cottages, and villages that were breath-taking. We drove hundreds of miles looking for the best spots to awaken, inspire and captivate my intimate group of retreat goers for October. Allan and I decided to repeat this and begin offering spiritual tours and retreats together in Santorini, Italy, and Bali eventually. He’ll be the tour guide, while I offer the spiritual transformation.

After fabulous bed and breakfast hotels, Allan took me to a lovely airport hotel in Edinburgh. At first, I thought it was rather mundane. I have come to recognize that we get exactly what we need. It was a lovely hotel inside, far better than the typical airport hotels in the U.S. the high tech lighting and shower exceeded anything I have seen in the US.

After we had our final planning dinner together, I went off to my room to unwind. I closed my eyes in bed on my last night in Scotland saying prayers of gratitude for all that Allan had done for me, the experiences and beauty. My guides asked if anything was missing? I replied the only thing I didn’t get was a kiss from a handsome Scottish gentleman. The next morning events unfolded Divinely orchestrated because I listened, I was kissing a beautiful Scottish man in my hotel room who looked exactly as I imagined him wearing my favorite color of dress shirt, blue (without sex, I might add!)

Ask and you shall receive my friend! Let me show you how it’s done!

To hear what happened, you’ll have to stay tuned for my next installment and video about how to get exactly what you want and need at exactly the right time!

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