Empowerment and Happiness

A rejection of the self is the underlying cause of all addictions humans have. Until we truly lovingly accept ourselves as we are we won’t find permanent happiness. Self-love issues are the core of our suffering on this planet.

When we are doing what is in alignment with our soul purpose magic happens. Recently, Dr. Mark Leeds created a magical hour with me on his blog talk radio show: REHAB. Dr. Leeds focus is on addiction recovery. We talked about a lot more than addiction in this powerful sharing. Whether we have an issue with codependency, sex, work, food, weight gain, alcohol or pot everyone has battled some form of addiction in their lifetime. Enjoy this beautiful interview there is something for everyone here.


One thought on “Empowerment and Happiness

  1. Richard says:

    Dear Jennifer, I listened to the interview and with great interest.I am in great trouble right now with alcohol addiction.I am at a very low ebb in my life right now and hurting a lot of people who love and care for me. In the interview you mentioned some free tools. Can you direct me to them on your web site.
    Thank you

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