When We Feel Up Against A Wall With No Way Out

When We Feel Up Against A Wall With No Way Out

What do you do when you  Feel Up Against A Wall With No Way Out….

Each of us gets stuck from time-to-time. I do too. When life throws us one curve ball after another we might be stuck in a paradigm that needs to shift. It could be that our kids are now adults and expect us to be doormats for them or take the blame for issues occurring in their life. Or maybe you have just discovered that the person you married is a narcissist and you cannot do anything right no matter what you do.

Maybe you spent a lifetime trying to make everyone else happy and now you feel depleted and used up.

Whatever, the reason, this article will help you get back on track without feeling like you are throwing yourself a pity party or hitting your head against a brick wall.

We all need more love. Each of us needs to remember the first person we give love to is ourselves. Why? We are stronger and better when we are full. When we are depleted, we end up depressed, negative and unable to help anyone including ourselves.

Take a deep breath.

Today, I reached out to a dear friend in Georgia. I knew she was struggling. After an hour on the phone with me and an energy clearing, she feels better, able to face her life and a new day. When we feel down we eat foods that we shouldn’t, gain weight and then feel guilty for doing so. Give yourself a break. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and tomorrow you will choose better.

Suicidal feelings arise when life piles a load of challenges on top of us and we can’t seem to move beyond it. If we feel there is no way out, we might think suicide is the answer, even when there is another way. An hour session with me and you can move beyond that stuck place or feeling as if there is no way out because there always is you just can’t see it right in this moment.

No matter how far along the path of life we are challenges arise, whether they are financial, relationship or health. Here are some little steps you can take to feel better than you do right now. Thinking differently can be just enough to move you to a higher vibration where you feel that the sun is shining again. The choice you make today matters so much more than the one you make tomorrow. So how about choosing to think and feel differently, right now? Breathe Deeply!

Step 1: Start by making these positive statements out loud.

I am enough

I am okay as I am

I am powerful

I  am loved

I am already good enough

Step 2:

When we feel uncomfortable, negative or grumpy shifting our focus quickly can happen when we focus on gratitude. Here are some statements to help you quickly shift your focus.

  • Thank you for another day of life
  • Thank you for my vibrant health
  • Thank you for my income that is forever increasing!
  • Thank you for my job
  • Thank you for my family
  • Thank you that I have eyes to see

Step 3: Queries Help To Uncover Truth

Use the power of questions to find a different way to relate to others.

  1. Am I enabling anyone in my family?
  2. Am I attempting to control because of fear?
  3. If I responded yes to #1 or #2, what do I need to stop doing or change?
  4. How can I feel better about my life and relationships?

Step 4:

Everything changes. Our resistance to change can be our undoing. Just because certain things have “always occurred in your family,” doesn’t mean they need to continue.

  1. Use the power of being the observer to uncover areas that need to be different.
  2. Ask questions to uncover areas that you may need to think differently about or respond differently.
  3. Notice how you feel when you ask yourself questions about situations and challenges.

Step 5:

Notice where you are making closed-ended statements like my client was that prevented her from closing deals. Rather than thinking your clients aren’t buying or aren’t returning to buy try these questions and statements to shift into a positive mindset.

  1. Clients love me!
  2. Clients sign their contracts quickly.
  3. Clients pay me big money!
  4. I am a powerful ______________. (woman/man)
  5. I create with ease!
  6. My sales come in quickly and are a win-win-win for everyone!

When we change our thoughts we also change the way we feel, improving mental attitude and mood. When we improve the way we feel, our life changes for the better.


You don’t need to do this alone. If you are ready to have a  FREE discovery session to see how working with me can change your life for the better in all areas, book it right now!

2 thoughts on “When We Feel Up Against A Wall With No Way Out

  1. Cynthia Benedict says:

    I would like to book the free discovery session with you.

    I’m living in an enabling destructive situation with my adult son and although I know what I “should” do/have done as the parent, I haven’t ever stood my ground and I’m paying for it now. I feel he is the way he is mainly because I wasn’t equipped to raise an emotionally healthy child.

    I’m doing EFT Matrix work with a healer and although I feel somewhat stronger in some areas of my life, the situation has gotten worse with my son. I’m 61 and he’s 26 and he came to stay with me 1 1/2 years ago because he had nowhere to go.

    I’m not suicidal but I sometimes step into hopelessness and despair at my inability to change this situation. It seems so simple and straightforward to the rest of my family.

    Here’s hoping………

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