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This weekend you can listen to the You Wealth Telesummit and my FREE call all weekend without any optin. What does this mean? You can listen and get a healing, activation, and learn new things about yourself, the universe and how to heal yourself.

Each of us has this innate ability to heal.

Recently I participated in the You Wealth Revolution
with host Darius Barazandeh.

It was a GREAT call!

This weekend, they are including my call among others
because so many people requested extended replays.

I am honored to be in this category. I thought I’d share
all the calls with you!   These replays will only be
available through the weekend (free) so take advantage,




Paul & Lillie Weisbart  – Q&A – Subtle Yogic Technologies to Activate Scalar Energy, Healing and Transformation


Carol Keppler  – Energy Medicine: Reclaiming the Body’s Natural Ability to Self Repair


Marilyn Jenett  – I Create My Body® — Weight Loss with Mental & Spiritual Laws — The Closest Thing You’ll Ever Find to a Magic Pill


Melinda Lee  – Accelerated Energetic Reset: Heal Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually and Unlock Your Inner Healing Power


Jennifer Elizabeth Masters  – Q&A – Don’t Let Your Past Haunt You: Clear The Garden of Your Heart


Mona Delfino  – Q&A – Quantum Cellular Healing: Transforming Your Spiritual Immune System


Dawn Crystal  – Creating Wellness with Source Energy Frequencies: Preventive and Remedial Energies for Vitality and A New You!


These calls will come down on Sunday, July 29th at Midnight PT.

There are over 250,000 people participating in The

New Earth New You


This event is unlike anything else out there and these calls are very powerful!

Enjoy the calls and thank you for supporting me!




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