How My 6-Year Dream Was Realized

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney

I have dreams, big dreams! Yesterday my six-year dream was realized.

When my daughter, Ariel, and I moved to California in October 2012, we drove all over exploring, visiting new places including Malibu, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Ojai. We

celebrated my birthday in Ojai. Sitting outside enjoying a delicious dinner in late October, I said, “I could live here!” Ariel responded, “Yes, I can see you living here too!”

Ojai is beautiful. Called the “Valley of the Moon,” by the Chumash Indians who were the early inhabitants. The Ojai area became a part of the Rancho Ojai Mexican land grant made to Fernando Tico in 1837 where he established a cattle ranch.

Ojai is the home to celebrities like Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, and Malcolm McDowell. It has been featured in nearly 100 movies including “Twins. ” But these are not the reasons I was drawn to Ojai. It is the beauty of the valley, the natural energy vortex, the large ranches on beautiful rolling hills and open space. Ojai has spectacular beauty and a huge spiritual community. Byron Katie and her husband live in Ojai where she has her center for The Work.

Ojai has a strong community feel with several festivals a year, like the lavender festival and Ojai Day in October. I could see myself sitting outside under a tree at a coffee shop writing a book, or talking to a friend. I knew also that I could easily do live events in Ojai and evening workshops. I had a dream to one day be able to afford to live there. The key here is that I followed the energy. My time at the ranch was coming to a close, it was only supposed to be temporary and I had lived here for 15 months. My guides had made it very clear it was time to move.

Some interesting things had been happening over the course of the last few months. My guides have been talking to me about using what I have, not buying more food and how much space I used in my bed. I thought the last one was a bit strange but there was quite the conversation about me sleeping only on half of my Queen-sized bed. I never spread out and sleep only on the right side of the bed. Curious I thought, I stowed that one away. I was urged to throw away old makeup and organize things into several acrylic containers. When I  bought the containers, I was guided to several smaller individual containers rather than one big receptacle.

I checked in energetically, “Should I move to Colorado?” AN EMPHATIC “NO!” “San Diego?” “NO.” “Santa Barbara?” “No.” “Ojai?” “YES!” After discovering the most beneficial to move for my work I began to search for properties to rent. The prices were outrageous and almost all of them said, “No pets!” Here is what I did:

  1. I got crystal clear on what I wanted.
  2. I put my dream out into the universe clearly: “How can I easily and effortlessly have a place I love where my animals are welcomed and safe that I can easily afford?”
  3. I decided I wanted to keep my budget the same paying no more than I was already spending on the guest house. (My rent was double my last place)
  4. I looked every day on Trulia and Zillow (online real estate) sending e-mails and applying for each property that was within my price range.
  5. I followed up on each and every one that looked or felt good for me.
  6. I was turned down over and over. I stopped counting after six.
  7. I asked even when they said, “NO PETS” thinking you never know.
  8. I followed up on every email that came in regarding a property and asked questions.
  9. I kept saying, “THIS OR BETTER!”
  10. After having lunch with a friend, I got back into my car and saw that I had an e-mail response with yet another,  “no,” to my pets question. I called her.
  11. The phone call led me to the agent giving me a link for new rentals in the Ojai area. I checked as soon as I got home.
  12. The first listing was half my current rent and included the use of the private pool, surrounded by an acre of Valencia orange groves and allowed pets.  I am a water sign. I love the water. As a child, my summer days were spent swimming, canoeing, and waterskiing at our cottage in northern Ontario. I swam competitively in high school. Living here in the dry high desert surrounded by horses, which I love, but are problematic I knew if I had my druthers, I’d rather have a pool than horses any day! I had my answer. I called the agent immediately. He said come to see it tomorrow. I decided it was important enough to go immediately.
  13. I drove to Ojai, met the owner/landlord a ninety-year-old man who has a wife of over 60 years he cares for who had a massive stroke. He was delightful. He said he would
    my new gym!

    welcome my 3 cats and Yoda, with the caveat, that he had cats and they were all gone, coyotes. We could build a structure to protect them outside.

  14. The place was brand new but very small, like a tiny house. I knew I was being squeezed again by the universe for a reason. Pairing down and simplifying meant huge growth for me. I realized also that when I had less I was infinitely more creative. I said I would take it. I had my first swim and showered afterward in my new place for the very first time.
  15. Now for the credit check and application. I was guided to bring my laptop and show the real estate agent who was managing the property my bank accounts and Paypal reports. I was honest about my past hiccups and had backup information about my excellent payment history over the past six years. I brought a copy of my current lease and showed him where the most recent rent check was paid from my bank account. I validated my income. Everything I wrote on my credit application could be proven. No half-truths and no lies.
  16. In the eleventh hour, a second lady that had 12 chickens instead of cats and a dog also wanted the property. The landlord wanted her vetted as well. I had to wait until she was shown the property and applied.
  17. The real estate agent had me wait to cool my jets in the heat until nearly 3:00. I was invited to return to drop off the deposit and first month’s rent and sign my lease. He told me the other candidate could not substantiate anything on her application and he wouldn’t work with her, “she spelled trouble.”
  18. Though it appeared on the surface that I might not get the property, I never gave up hope. I didn’t worry during the three hours I waited for the second lady to view and apply, knowing everything would be okay.
  19. I GAVE THANKS AND CELEBRATED! I went back to Boccali’s Italian restaurant and ordered their famous strawberry shortcake loaded with whipped cream and ate it all!

Things are going to come up at the last minute and make you think that it won’t happen. We have to stay in faith, keep the course and it will happen! (More links below)

Realizing our dreams takes courage. We have to stay the course. We have to be courageous and gutsy. We have to know without a shadow of a doubt that the universe has our back. I do and I did and I have! 

What I didn’t do:

  • worry
  • doubt
  • say, “This will never happen!”
  • I didn’t get into fear


  • I knew without a doubt it would work out.
  • I stayed calm
  • had lunch
  • walked around Ojai and talked to some locals about the place and said, “I am moving to Ojai!” I focused on what my desire was, moving to Ojai.

If you think you can’t do this alone, you don’t have to. Jennifer teaches manifesting miracles and more in her private coaching practice. You can book your get acquainted call with Jennifer to talk about your struggles and challenges and see if Jennifer’s work is a good fit for your life.

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  1. Carol says:

    Enjoy your new home Jennifer! I could sense through your words how this is where you needed to be. Thank you for sharing your story and have a blast discovering Ojai!

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