Farewell To Newhall, Hello Ojai!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters Soul Sculptor

It is amazing what happens when we open our minds to new possibilities. Letting go of old patterns and ways of being can be stressful. Know that it will pass.

For me, closing this chapter of my life moving from a beautiful horse ranch in Newhall, California to Ojai, close to the beach is a dream come true and has been one of a great release.


No matter what is going on in our lives, there are others who are having so much more stress than we are. This week as a dear friend took his life I am reminded to tell you that I help people overcome suicide, suicide ideation, depression, and anxiety as well as PTSD and trauma.

As I packed up my little house, I discovered so many things stuck in boxes that I hadn’t opened in a year. I found lost jewelry and as you can see, I am wearing a bunch of it!

Moving is tiring and stressful. It is one of the things that bring as much stress as divorce. We have to take time for ourselves, relax, get good rest and remember to eat a healthy diet. Exercise the very thing that keeps us on track, grounded and stress-free may be what we stop doing for lack of time.

Yesterday after making this video, it was all I could do to deliver new materials for a Telesummit and go out to dinner. I fell asleep with my computer on my lap and knew I had to stop and rest. Our body will tell us what we need. Paying attention to what our body is telling us is important. When we push through the fatigue we could end up having a serious health crash or illness.

The funny thing about this move though was finding a little shower kit I bought about ten years ago. I have moved it countless times. I used it up yesterday. The name on the shower gel, shampoo, and cream rinse was LA SOURCE! The culmination of many years of work has led me to California. The signs are always there we just have to look up and pay attention!

I wish you all a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

Much Love,


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