How To Use The Law of Attraction in Everyday Life

Why would you want to use manifesting in everyday life? Because your life becomes so much easier. People show up at the perfect time, you rarely have to go out looking for help, it just arrives and the people that do show up are better than you ever imagined possible if you had gone on Yelp or searched Google!

We get hunches (guidance) all the time. Most of us ignore these feelings or shrug them off thinking, why would I do that? When we stop questioning the guidance and follow it instead, life becomes infinitely easier. Following our guidance leads us to the right people at the perfect time. I’ll share a little story about how this worked this week for me.

I recently moved to Ojai. The move was challenging for a number of reasons.

  1. I was downsizing into a tiny house.
  2. I had to purge a great deal.
  3. I was still seeing clients and running my business.
  4. I have three cats and a dog.
  5. I got ants the first week in huge numbers to greet me.
  6. WIth all my boxes in my apartment, I couldn’t move around easily.
  7. I didn’t know a soul in Ojai when I first moved.

My very first day in Ojai, I received guidance to go out for coffee. With the thought in the back of my mind, “I wonder how I can find a great hairdresser?” I went to the coffee shop and asked the man in front of me what he was getting? I ordered what he was having and he invited me to a blues event at a local joint called The Hut my first Friday night in Ojai.  YAY! Score! Live music and a way to meet locals.

As we shared business cards another man walked in, the woman behind the counter knew him by name and asked “Tom,” what he would like. He ordered his coffee. I noticed he entered from the shop right next door and I asked if he was a hairdresser. He said he was. The woman behind the counter said, “I doubt Tom is taking new clients, Tom is an artist!”

I recognized I would rather have an artist do my cut and color than one who isn’t, “I’m sure he’ll want to take me as a new client,” in my mind negating the effect or agreement between this woman and I. After getting my coffee I walked into the shop next door named “Delilah.” The ceiling was painstakingly decorated in a light purple satin fabric, tucked into pleats on every ceiling panel, a little purple couch was available for seating, I thought, this is the place! There were only three stations. It was quiet but well-established, clean and uncluttered.  I picked up a card from the reception desk and continued on with my day.

I called Tom at Delilah and asked if he could take me as a new client. He said he would. I never doubted it for a minute. He had just gotten a cancellation for a coveted Saturday mid-day appointment. I said YES!

I booked an acupuncture appointment to take care of myself after the move. Laurie was a lovely woman who loves horses with a gentle energy and lovely personality. We really hit it off and met at her stable later Friday evening where I had an interesting connection with her horse Zorba. She made all kinds of suggestions and spoke very highly of Tom. She told me, “Tom is quite the renown, local artist. I heard that his paintings hang in Los Angeles museums.” I was very lucky to have gotten my appointment for my hair.

I got the best color and cut I have had since I left the Washington D.C. area. I was thrilled. I expressed my gratitude to Tom and the universe for setting up our meeting in Joe’s coffee shop. MANIFESTED GREAT HAIRDRESSER AND BEST HAIRCUT EVER and at a reasonable price! 

Last night, after a long day seeing clients, I took Yoda for his nightly walk in town. Where I live is very dark, which I like there is certainly no light pollution here. It was closing in on 9:30 when I walked by a sushi restaurant noticing it for the second time. The restaurant was beckoning me inside. I made the decision to follow my gut feeling took Yoda to my car and hustled to the restaurant. Even though it was 9:30 when I walked in I was welcomed, it wasn’t too late to order said two sushi chef’s behind the bar.

I was drawn to sit at the bar with an empty barstool between a nice-looking man and myself. asked a young waiter for his best recommendations and ordered both and a seaweed salad. The gentleman, I learned was Josh gave me the history of the restaurant and said it had been further down near the 7-11 for about five years. They had been at this downtown location for five years and the owner was a really nice Korean man named Ben. Josh introduced me to Ben and he asked if I would like a beer or saki. He comped the Saporro draft beer as a gift for just moving to Ojai. Raising his glass he toasted me!

Before leaving, Josh mentioned he was a photographer and had just returned from three months in Costa Rica where he had been shooting video. He had great credentials and was available for both stills and video! A professional local photographer was on my list of must haves as I need new business card photos. Another score that I didn’t have to go looking for.


  1. Invited to a local event with great music where I met new people.
  2. Found a fabulous artist for a hairdresser in my first week in town that was reasonably priced. (All women know that finding a hairdresser is the most difficult thing to do when we move and many are prepared to return to the one they know even if it is 100 miles away!)
  3. Got a FREE BEER! Who gives away free anything these days?
  4. Met a handsome new local photographer and videographer without even trying who is reasonably priced.
  5. The ants  (problem) caused me to move all my boxes out of my apartment giving me the impetus to purge even more. I don’t need half of what is in the boxes to survive.
  6. I love the way my little place feels and looks without all the extra stuff in it! My cats are stretching out and more relaxed than ever.

The Moral Of This Story: Lessons And Summary

Sometimes a problem isn’t really a problem just a means to an end. Having to move everything out of my apartment seemed like a problem, but it led me to a better result than I ever imagined.

Following our hunches leads us to miraculous discoveries and finds. The right people show up and we don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get things done. In other words, if you are looking to be budget conscious (which the universe loves) you will be rewarded. There is no need to waste money!





2 thoughts on “How To Use The Law of Attraction in Everyday Life

  1. melanie Gabbi says:

    HI , i love reading your posts and again this is lovely and helps to remind me of all those small prompts and how lovely things ,that you can never know before hand, can appear and really add to your day and life X blessings

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