5 Steps To Becoming Incredibly Lucky Quickly



Our thoughts create. Whatever we think about, focus on, give energy to, mull over in our minds is what we continue to see more of in our lives. Even better than the fact that we can create what we think about, we can do so at the speed of light!

For those who struggle to be lucky use some of these phrases or mantras in the background of your mind every day. Write them down on post-it notes and place them on your car dashboard, bathroom mirror and watch how your life begins to change. I would love to hear from you on my facebook group Manifest A Magical Life.


Today I feel lucky!

I make my own luck.

Luck follows me everywhere I go.

Everything I touch turns out right.

It is going to work out in my favor.


I’d love to share a story with you. In April, I was on my way to the airport for my Scotland trip. I drove into the Van Nuys FlyAway parking lot and said out loud, “I FEEL LUCKY!”

On days when I have done nothing to create a great parking spot, I have ended up on the roof of the parking garage with my little Honda out in the 100 degrees plus heat for a week. When I returned my windshield wiper fluid was completely evaporated. On this particular day though, because I said, I was feeling lucky, I found a parking spot right down the center row closest to the door for the airport bus!


My entire trip to Scotland became magical because of my words. I was incredibly lucky finding beautiful sunsets to photograph, fabulous meals, and wonderful people. I met Lynn Kennedy who is part of our Manifest A Magical Life FaceBook group because I felt called to go into a coffee shop after dinner. Now, you might say, what’s the big deal about that? I wasn’t sleeping very well due to the time change. Having a cup of coffee after dinner wasn’t in the cards for me. However, I knew when I was feeling pulled to go somewhere I was always rewarded by following my intuition or gut instinct. If I hadn’t I never would have met Lynn.

Instead, this is what happened: The coffee shop was brand new. The proprietor was behind the counter and attempted to talk us out of staying since it smelled so much of paint. Allan Jenkins my guide and I both remarked, “We don’t smell paint!” So we stayed. I got my coffee first and surveyed the large seating area downstairs and opted to walk up the stairs because it felt like it was calling me. As I reached the top of the stairs I saw Lynn. Rather than leave, I asked her, “Do you mind if we sit up here with you?” Lynn wasn’t feeling very well, yet kindly said yes.

Lynn and I shared a heart connection. She told me her story and I shared a bit of mine. I was meant to be in the coffee shop that evening. Lynn and I were destined to meet. If I hadn’t followed and trusted my intuition, I would have waved off the temptation to get a coffee when it was so late in the day and I wasn’t sleeping well. Did I sleep well that night? You betcha! We are always rewarded when we follow our guidance.


When we focus on the positive, we attract it. When we focus on the negative, we attract that also. We just have to decide which one we prefer. When I was in my unawakened state, I was extremely negative. My parents raised me to be negative, just like them. My father didn’t trust anyone and taught us his beliefs. He felt we needed to work hard for our money and that life was just that working hard, paying bills and playing somewhere in between, hopefully. My father was a bah humbug kind of guy. He and his brother had weekly conversations about “doom and gloom,” as my mother used to call it. They both died before their time. My father focused on all the things that caused cancer and ended up manifesting or creating it. We have a choice.

Maybe you like me have a family that is negative. Those of us with a negative family of origin have to work harder to get our mindset to shift. Like Sisyphus we might feel like we are pushing a boulder up a hill. The more negative our family of origin was the harder we have to work to overcome the negative mindset. It can be done. I did it. http://http://resultsbusinesscoach.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/sisyphus1.png



We decide if something is possible or not with our beliefs. If we believe we will fail, we will. If we believe we will be infinitely successful we will be. We have to be able to envision the possibilities in our mind. With imagination anything is possible. Remember the Albert Einstein quote?

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Whichever way we focus whether it is positive and feeling lucky or negative and feeling that the world is out to get us, we create it. Be grateful for what you have and more will be given to you. When we bitch, moan or complain we often lose what we did have. Gratitude is the fuel for creation!

2 thoughts on “5 Steps To Becoming Incredibly Lucky Quickly

  1. Lynn Kennedy says:

    Ive just read your amazing Manifesting.. Five steps to become incredibly lucky and find it very helpful and wonderful as all of your posts and topics are. I didnt expect to see my name on it but i have to say i feel so blessed to have met you on that stormy miserable night in Oban. Even i was miserable that night as i had an awful sinusitis and was still unwell and to be honest i looked a sight for sore eyes. From then on i knew the universe was weaving a magical path. From that night on i have read and try to see the positive in everything and know in my heart that against all the odds that night after going thirty five miles to a hospital appointment i ended up staying overnight eighty miles from home with no overnight bag etc. (I bought what i needed from a nearby shop). I am grateful xx?

    • Jennifer Elizabeth Masters says:

      When Judy said Lynn from Scotland on the air yesterday, I felt certain it was you! It was lovely to have you on the Telesummit yesterday Lynn. I see your health improving as you begin to change the way you perceive life and challenges. I was so sick with everything from A to Z as far as illnesses and physical problems and they all cleared when I changed the way I thought about myself and began to lovingly accept me as I was. I stopped thinking of myself as broken and began to see myself as “whole and perfect.” Everything changed! Sending you so much love! I can’t wait to see you again in Scotland next year. Even if it is just to have you join us for a workshop or coffee along the route! xoxoxo Jennifer

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