The Akashic Records: Up-level Your Life

Since, 2010, I have been using the Akashic Records to help others heal their trauma, past, and relationships. The Akashic Records are all the details of our words, thoughts, deed, and even emotions. Everything that has ever occurred in our soul’s existence is written on the Akasha or etheric realm.

With The Akashic Records, we commune with Ascended Masters and are surrounded by the energy of love. We cannot help but have tremendous personal growth and our lives transformed when we spend time in our Akashic Records. We can heal our past recognizing that these hurts are truly sacred. As we heal the past our vibration rises, our attitudes change and even our thoughts transform. Awakening and the end of suffering results through the Akashic Records we are able to manifest easily as we let go of shame, guilt, and pain. We stop blaming others when we recognize that there was a purpose behind it all and that purpose was Divine.

Whether we are healers, authors or entrepreneurs The Akashic Records can assist us to grow to evolve and become successful. For example, in 2012 just over eighteen months after I began working with The Akashic Records I became self-realized and awakened. Everything in my life improved from relationships to living situation and of course, financial abundance came as well. By October 2018, my income increased 174% over the previous year alone!

From January 2012 onward I have not felt lonely, alone or lost. I feel a complete Oneness with all that is. I moved out of a state of suffering. In 2014, I channeled Orgasm For Life in less than three months from beginning to published and on Amazon. That book was a breeze to write and fun too.

Join me in Atlanta, November 10 and 11th for The Akashic Records Intensive and Consultant Training Certification. I will also be sharing my recipe for success how to get clients easily and effortlessly and stand in the flow of abundance on a daily basis.


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