Not All Narcissists Are Men

Narcissism is on the rise; many famous narcissists are male not all narcissists are men. In fact, there are plenty of narcissists that are women, my mother included. Famous men that we recognize as narcissists are: Alexander The Great, Adolph Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Stalin, Joseph Mengele, Elvis Presley, Charlie Sheen Kanye West, Ted Bundy, and OJ Simpson. Women can be narcissistic too. Besides my mother, some very famous female narcissists are Mariah Carey, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton and, Kim Kardashian. Coping With Borderline Personality Disorder Narcissistic abuse is one of the most debilitating and challenging to identify. Narcissists can be found in all walks of life from movie stars, musicians to our parents, presidents, and politicians. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is caused by parents not being present with their little children or being self-absorbed themselves. If you have been in a relationship with a narcissist you may still be shaking your head wondering, “How did this happen?” Empaths attract narcissists because they are deeply wounded similar to narcissists. Though a narcissist believes (outwardly) that nothing is wrong with them. Both empaths and narcissists have issues to heal of self-loathing, people-pleasing, needing to be loved and accepted which are all areas we need to work on internally. What Characteristics Make Someone A Narcissist? The best way to describe a narcissist is self-absorbed and unable to empathize with others. Following is a list of traits associated with narcissism: Grandiose sense of self-importance or fantasies Dreams of unlimited powers, importance, fame or brilliance and idealistic love Requires excessive admiration Gives the appearance of someone with an inflated ego, but has very low self-esteem secretly Extremely charming and charismatic Egotistical Self-absorbed Expect unrealistic treatment or favoritism Focused on the outward appearance Refuse to apologize Exploits others Unable to accept responsibility Blame others for everything Lying Lacks empathy for others Arrogance Tell stories that are fantastic Aggression and anger figure prominently to mask feelings of inferiority and deep insecurity Gaslighting that makes the receiver feel crazy One of my recent clients worked with me for three months. In that time, we discovered that his father was a narcissist as well as every woman that he had relationships with. In the process of healing himself, he let go of his addictions to alcohol and cigarettes and was working through his addictive relationships. Recognizing our patterns is the first step to healing them. You may find like me, that most of your past relationships were with narcissists. Why We Attract Narcissists Unhealed empaths attract narcissists because of their compassion. Once we heal the co-dependency we no longer attract these types of unhealthy relationships like magnets. Empaths share way too much too soon. They fight for their beloved until the bitter end. They stay too long in relationships that are abusive. Empaths will sacrifice everything including dignity, self-respect, and self-esteem for their partner. Narcissists can charm the boxers and panties off the best of us! The best way to stop attracting debilitating relationships is to love yourself. When you love and accept yourself above all others you stop attracting these destructive relationships. When we put the relationship before our self-respect and self-esteem we sacrifice our life force and happiness. What Can Narcissists Do To Heal Or Is It Even Possible? Narcissists don’t accept that there is anything wrong with them. Once they recognize that they are the one with the issue, coming to grips with the reality that the false personality they created isn’t really them can healing the past issues with their parents (the source of pain and suffering from feeling unloved) they can find peace. The problem is that recognizing that they have an issue can be the biggest problem keeping them from doing this deep inner work. Is it possible? The psychologists say it isn’t. I believe everything can be healed. We need to love ourselves enough accepting who we are as we are. Resources: How Do I Love Myself Sources:

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