Gratitude Is The Fuel For Your Desires

There was a time when being grateful was foreign, today it is a spiritual practice that fuels my desires. Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to shift from being negative, to positive. Gratitude opens the heart and allows us to feel full rather than empty. We begin to look at life and our world differently recognizing what we do have which shifts our perspective. Gratitude is a daily practice not just something to think about one day a year. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Our perspective is everything. Perspective is our attitude or way we view life, challenges, and experiences. When we shift our perspective recognizing what we have we open to receive more. When the opposite is true, our focus is on lack, having little to nothing which keeps us stuck with little to nothing. Are the lights coming on yet? When I learned this concept it was like the elevator finally went all the way to the top floor! I began to play with a full deck of cards rather than only a few that had little consequence. This year so much has changed. We have had the worst fires in California’s history and I was safe. I am so incredibly grateful. So many people, thousands lost their homes and their lives. No matter what we don’t have, we always have more than we realize. Below is a list of things I am grateful for that may jog your memory and allow you to step into the beautiful lake of abundance that comes from shifting our perspective. Gratitude will change your life. It is not something to do once in a while, it is an everyday practice that makes everything better. The Universe sits up and takes notice and opens the floodgates for you to have more. Oprah isn’t the only person that says you will receive more with gratitude. I say it all the time to my clients. I used to write my gratitude down in a journal. Now gratitude becomes a prayer that I speak aloud in-the-moment when something happens that means I was sparred, helped, or blessed. For me, this is sometimes an hourly practice. Here you go! I am so grateful for my family, that my brothers are well and alive, that my mother is still with us at 96 and doing so well physically, mentally and emotionally. I am so grateful for the healing my mother and I experienced this year. I am grateful for You Wealth Revolution and Jan Carpenter, Meredith Loos, who does my website and covers my ass when I am in a bind. I am grateful for nature and all it’s glory and beauty. I am grateful for the songbirds, the birds of prey and the owls that I hear at night. I am grateful to have a beautiful and safe place to lay my head at night where I can create, write and so sessions in peace with my clients. I am grateful for you, my readers, clients and friends. I am grateful to have had my dog Karma for so long and that she celebrated 21 years of life rather than what she might have faced if I hadn’t found her. I am grateful for the ocean, the sand on the beach and the beauty of it. I am grateful for those who work on the roads, the bridges and the overpasses keeping us safe. I am grateful for the sun, that rises every day and keeps us warm. I am grateful for the moon that lights my path at night with her beauty. I am grateful for the stars that shine. I am grateful for my lessons learned. I am grateful for my vibrant health. I am grateful that I have eyes that see and legs that move and feet that feel the earth beneath my feet. I am grateful for others that show me the way when I can’t see. I am grateful for the challenges that occur that make me stronger. I am grateful for my friends. I am grateful for my parents that brought me into this world, fed and clothed me. I am grateful for my children who teach me more about myself every day. I am grateful for the clients that show up and give me such hope for this world. I am grateful for my life to be alive to live another day. I am grateful for my pets that love me unconditionally. I am grateful for my growth that is never-ending. I am grateful for my wisdom. I am grateful for my guides, angels and most of all God, the universe, The Ascended Masters that light my path and allow me to be who I truly am. Just an FYI, I am having a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale. Many programs are 9.99. If you can’t find what you are looking for send me an email at

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