Moon Walking, The Path Through Darkness

To be fully integrated we must love all of ourselves, including the shadow parts that are illuminated by the light of the moon.

Lessons From Thanksgiving during a Mercury Retrograde

You might not have noticed the light of this full moon, with all the turkey feasting and chaos that Thanksgiving with family can bring. Whether you were with your family or with friends, it matters not. The full moon was casting its beautiful light on our darkest parts of us. Waking at 5:00 this morning I wondered what bright light cast such a large swath in the orange grove.

Thanksgiving or not, we have been soundly clobbered on our hard heads with a harsh Mercury Retrograde that is bringing up our darkest issues to be resolved. Yes, even when we attempt to put our past behind us, the universe lovingly makes us view it again so that we see our patterns haven’t been resolved completely. The light of the moon shone on mine this morning too. Following is what The Ascended Masters lovingly delivered:

First of all, you must know that after filling my cupeth to running overeth this Thanksgiving I arrived home yesterday and promptly made a third pumpkin pie which I pulled out of my refrigerator this morning and made hand whipped, with a whisk I might add cream to accompany it.

Pie for breakfast! It doesn’t get much better than this. Drowning our sorrows in pumpkin pie with whipped cream might be a way to stuff down old feelings from the past, but doesn’t really help us in the long run.

If you don’t understand my last statement, I’ll explain. No matter how much growth we experience there is always more work to do. This Thanksgiving for most of us was more difficult because of the Mercury Retrograde scraping up past events for us to look at once again, purging the shadowy parts of ourselves as it does so beautifully.

I experienced my personal trip down memory lane of dark shadowy behavior which I have worked through using The Akashic Records. I asked plenty of questions, did my releasing and now you get the golden insights!

Question: I feel sad and angry. What do I need to see about myself?

Ascended Masters: 

  1. Enabling behavior disempowers others.
  2. Enabling keeps adult children small.
  3. They don’t learn and we are running old patterns from a paradigm when we were in the dark.
  4. We become darker as a result.
  5. We need to alter our behavior to witness lasting change.

Question: What can I change about myself?

Ascended Masters:

  1. Learn from the past.
  2. See where this pattern has been with others…. husbands, other, children, friends, even mother.
  3. Learn. Change behavior. Don’t go back to the well when its water was poisonous. (PROFOUND)
  4. Notice how you feel. If you feel bad about helping in the aftermath you are hurting and harming yourself and others. (Not helping.)

Question: Is there anything else I need to get out of this?

Ascended Masters:

  1. Enabling is part of addictive behavior. (Co-dependency, addictions to others, relationships and substances)
  2. Enabling comes from being afraid to do what’s right: speak the truth, make unpopular decisions because you are afraid “they” won’t love you. Or a fear that “they” won’t be able to do it on their own.
  3. We can only manage ourselves. We can’t force our thoughts or control over others. It doesn’t work.
  4. Enabling is a shadow part of the self. Its a part we don’t want to look at.

My Big Aha!

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I see my part in the process of life. I see that old patterns will continue to resurface again and again as we evolve no matter how far along the path we are. Another layer is revealed and we need to process our emotions from that perspective, where we are in the given moment. Ignoring our emotions of anger means we are ignoring the deepest stirring of our soul telling us something isn’t quite right. We need to be in alignment with ourselves to be right with the world and others.

We need to embrace all of ourselves to be truly whole, integrated and happy. We can’t attempt to excise, cut off or remove, hide or ignore that part that is screaming at us for attention. We need to give that part the attention it deserves, loving it all as it is part of who we are.

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