How To Easily Overcome Blocks To Manifesting

If money is scarce you most likely have blocks to manifesting. There are a few different ways that we create these blocks one is spending too much, feeling guilt or regret afterward which can cause blocks to the flow of abundance and wealth.

Where do these blocks come from? We create blocks within our cellular memory from fear of abandonment, rejection and worry about money. There are other ways that absolutely slam the door of abundance that we don’t normally recognize.


How Blocks Are Formed

Fear of any kind causes us to disassociate, become ungrounded and not present. When we are afraid our security is threatened and our root chakra becomes unbalanced and closes. The root chakra is what governs our security and survival, how we are in our world and how powerfully we show up. If we are concerned about our survival and ability to thrive we feel small and our field contracts. Fear alone is enough to block us from being able to create and show up powerfully in our world. There are other issues that can create severe challenges for our ability to create and manifest.

When our hearts are broken we might feel lost, broken and ungrounded. If we are criticized regularly, have trauma in our past or were emotionally wounded manifesting can be a challenge.

We tend to feel small or as though we are not enough when our hearts have been broken. We might even wonder, “What’s wrong with me?” Questioning our personal power makes us feel small and even weak. There is a powerful connection between a closed heart and our ability to manifest. Manifestation can only happen when we are fully present in our body, grounded in the now, as the powerful creator vibrating in a state of love. Can you see the connection? Holy beating hearts Batman!

When our hearts are closed and broken we are in a state of lack. We lack love. We feel unloved. When we feel unloved we cannot possibly vibrate in a state of love. Have you ever noticed when you first begin to fall in love that everything goes well? Like magic pieces of a puzzle we find the perfect new job, we get a deal on a new car, people are attracted to us because we are vibrating in a state of love. Everything comes up roses when we are in love. The opposite is true when our hearts are stomped on, we are rejected or dumped. We have to heal our broken hearts or we can’t manifest. We have to heal the abandonment and limiting beliefs from childhood, which is what I help you do in my energy sessions!

What we focus on is what we get. What we speak about is what shows up in our lives. Speaking about lack creates more lack. When we make statements like, “I can’t make it on my salary. I can’t pay my bills.” The universe sends us circumstances that prove us right. It doesn’t seem fair, that lack creates more lack. We have to feel wealthy and abundant to receive more. We also need to be very careful about what we speak out loud and silently to ourselves. We need to remember that every thought is a prayer and all prayers are heard.

We Must Feel Love, Joy  or Both

To be able to manifest the state of love must be experienced or felt while manifesting. We can’t be feeling negative, small and empty and get what we desire. Crank up the happy tunes, get up and dance or jump up and down to get your vibration higher. Do whatever it takes to get yourself in a higher loving state so that your manifestation materializes.

The Steps To Manifesting

  1. Breathe deeply. Breathing allows us to connect, ground ourselves in our bodies and be in the present moment. We must be in the present to manifest. Focusing on the past or future precludes us from manifesting easily.
  2. Be in a state of love or joy or both. Feel loved, joyful, excited.
  3. Focus on what we want with crystal clarity.
  4. Focus on one thing at a time.
  5. Know without a doubt that we are powerful creators and manifest what we focus on and speak about.
  6. Be grateful for what we have now.
  7. Release our manifestation out into the universe.
  8. Know it is already in your energy field.
  9. Say Thank you!

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I teach manifesting in my coaching practice. Manifesting is something anyone can do. The happier and in love with you that you are the easier manifesting becomes! Do you feel you can’t do this alone? You don’t have to. You can set up a free discovery session with Jennifer right here. Are you committed to growing beyond where you are now? Are you ready to invest in yourself? Then book your discovery session right now and find out if Jennifer’s work is a good fit for you today.

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