Bring on 2019!

In the blink of an eye 2018 is gone and we are in the throws of welcoming the fabulous New Year of 2019! My head is still spinning with how fast 2018 has gone and the changes already materializing for the New Year, 2019.

2019 is a year to take more classes, expand your intellect, consciousness, wisdom, and heart.

I have just signed up and committed financially to take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training here in Ojai. I am still laughing that I am doing this six-month intensive as I never imagined myself as a yoga teacher. Why am I doing Kundalini Yoga Teacher training you ask? Great question! If you remember how I got to Ojai in the first place, I was guided to move here.

Kundalini Yoga is a technology that expands the heart and up-levels consciousness. It is the next step in my spiritual evolution to serve more people in a greater way.

Happy New Year!

Last year, you may have felt you were done with education and taking classes. In 2019, we will be supported energetically to raise our consciousness, open our hearts in greater ways and learn new things.

What is the Prevailing Theme in 2019?

Freedom! In 2018 you may have felt restriction in 2018 as if you were imprisoned in your life with no way out of the nightmare.

2019 has already been speeding in like a rocket ship energizing us with the newness of this year the energy of bloom, life and joy.

If you felt tortured in 2018, you will continue to feel similarly unless you change the way you live your life, eliminate the old story and move out of self pity by raising your consciousness. No one is a victim. If you want more joy, join me for my Master Class coming soon. See my count down on my site. The date is Saturday, January 19. Doing this alone is going to be challenging. Choose a coach, teacher, guru or guide wisely.

2019 is a time to heal patterns remaining.

January is the preparation month. The year will feel like a rocket ship taking off. The energy is vastly different from what we have been experiencing in 2018.

Use January to align your soul purpose, set goals and stretch goals and focus on what you want for this year. If you didn’t reach last year’s goals, don’t beat yourself up. Instead look at why you didn’t reach the goals? Ask yourself were you committed to yourself or something else? Did you have a strategic plan in place? Did you consider what you wanted with crystal clarity? Or did you just waddle like a duck down the road of life following the sparkly things on the path with no clear direction?

What’s New This Year?

The energy of 2019 is much more creative, flowing and happy go lucky! YAY!

Creative energy will be flowing more freely – be quick to capture it and make it happen!

Act swiftly and don’t lallygag over decisions. For example, if you have been considering going on a retreat with me, two people are seriously considering it which means there are only 5 spots available. This Scotland retreat is an amazing opportunity to uplevel, expand in all ways and learn how to read The Akashic Records, channel your book and get daily guidance like me.

Tempest In A Teapot

Take care to talk about those things that upset you before they brew, stew and become a tempest in a teapot. Anger can occur quickly in 2019. Use caution about pushing your limits. Take care of yourself or irritation will follow.

Choose Wisely

Check in with your intuition before making a move, spending money or doing something you haven’t done before. See how it feels and then take swift action.

Don’t Waste Time, money or energy doing what hasn’t worked in the past. If it didn’t work then why do you think it will work now?

Beware of Overeating Overindulging and Overspending

Beware of overindulging this year in all ways. You may find your appetite is ravenous. Craving sweets, fatty foods is especially problematic. Instead, eat healthy fats and more protein and the cravings will subside.

Overspending can be an issue this year, so take care before you buy the new dress, car or house. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this? Can I get by without it? Is this just my inner child wanting validation?” Find other ways to give yourself the validation you need rather than overspending or overindulging.

2019 Is A Year of Being In The Flow

In the past, you may have tried to “make things happen.” Pushing your energy will get you into trouble in many ways this year as that is old paradigm energy and will not work for you. You may find yourself attempting to control everyone, everything, and the universe. How has that worked for you in the past? Not well. I rest my case!

  • write that book
  • paint the painting
  • create the new course
  • write your Ted Talk

Do the things you have been dreaming of for years!

  • Take the big trip – especially if it involves a teaching
  • Have an adventure
  • uplevel consciousness
  • learn something new
  • gain wisdom

Your Best Course of Action?

Get off on the best foot in January and the rest of the year will work out well. My Master Class will get you on the best foot and it completely free. This class will assist you to get clarity set intention and goals for the year setting up daily practices to have the best year yet!

If you muddle through January without a plan, without goals you will find yourself at the same place you currently are right now with very little different in your life for 2020. Have a clear direction, purpose and course of action.


Ahhhh rest! The gift that keeps on giving you energy, clarity and vibrant health. Rest is more important than ever this year.

2019 is A Time Of Gathering

  • wisdom
  • knowledge
  • friends
  • tribe
  • clan

2019 Is Community Oriented

There will be more frequent visits with those we love. More parties, dinner parties like we had in the 80’s will recur. Progressive dinners with neighbors and friends, parties, play, pleasure, music and much more fun!

  • join in with others
  • join a bowling league, baseball league, dance class
  • involve yourself in group events

Best of all? 2019 is a time for a do-over. I am here to help you do life over in a positive, loving, compassionate way. The reason for the Kundalini Yoga Teacher training is to open my heart more, raise my consciousness to the next level. Enough lallygagging! Go party! Or sign up for my Scotland Retreat right now!

Do you feel you can’t do this alone? You don’t have to. It took me over 30 years to get to where I am today. I know the ropes and can help you get to feeling happy, positive and loving the life you have. Book your FREE discovery session with me today!

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