Why We Need To Forgive Ourselves and Everyone Else Too

We need to forgive ourselves and everyone else too so that we can end our suffering. Unforgiveness will keep us trapped in resentment, vengefulness and poisonous thoughts that hurt our health and rob us of joy.

Life is short. Judging others, criticizing others, anger, vengefulness keep us stuck in the past imprisoned in toxic emotions which can make us sick.

“It is the weak that can never forgive. Forgiveness in the attribute of the strong.” Gandhi.

Forgiveness is Divine.

Starting with ourselves we need to forgive the following:

  • self-criticism
  • laziness
  • weaknesses
  • emotionality
  • our shortcomings (Dyslexia, ADHD)
  • putting on weight
  • mistakes
  • lost hopes and dreams
  • selfishness
  • judging others

Forgiveness relieves us of the burden of suffering. Once we let go and forgive we are able to live in the present instead of dragging the past into our tomorrow.

Slowly repeat this Ho’oponopono prayer focusing inward on yourself first:

I am sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you.

You may need to repeat this prayer several times to feel a shift internally. Once you do, you may consider each individual you want to forgive repeating the prayer several times either silently or out loud for each person.

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