How To End Your Worries About Anything

There was a time that I couldn’t sleep through the night without worrying for hours about how I could pay my mortgage or about situations at work. I would lay awake for hours with a cacophony of thoughts noisily tromping through my brain. My mouth would be dry and my stomach angry and acidic. I no longer worry about anything. I have a process when I am in need of something that works miraculously. Seven very lucky people will learn exactly how to do this with me in April.

So what changed for me? In a word, EVERYTHING!

I began to trust myself, God and the Universe. I changed my thoughts and beliefs. I recognized the power of my thoughts and that each thought was heard by God and the entire Universe. I realized that everything we think goes out into the Universe and brings back to us what we focus on both good and what we don’t want.

YOWZA! What? We attract what we don’t want?

Yes. How do we do that?

Whatever we focus on, think, say or give energy to is what we attract.

I’ll share my recent experience to illustrate what I mean.

On Saturday, I got my hair cut and I mean cut! It is shorter now than it has been in years. I felt really good afterward and took my little Chiweenie dog Yoda for a walk through the arcade a covered walkway in Ojai. A sweet jewelry shop called me inside for new earrings to complement my new hairdo. A beautiful pair of pearl earrings and a vintage turquoise ring later, I spent quite a bit more than I had planned knowing I had a very large payment coming out of my bank account within days. “Oh well,” I knew I could manifest what I needed in any case. I have savings set aside but know better than to touch savings for frivolity. The Universe would kick my butt every which way to Sunday. That was not an option!

On Sunday, the payment I was expecting went through early overdrawing my account. I transferred money from Paypal to cover it, but it wasn’t quite enough. I had savings but knew I wasn’t to use that money for anything other than that purpose, or I’d be slapped by the Universe as I said earlier.

I asked the universe and God, “How can I easily and effortlessly have $1,000 by Tuesday?” I did my Kundalini yoga for prosperity on Monday and while in the middle of the kriya (exercise) my phone rang. (Kundalini yoga is the bomb!)

I wondered, “Should I keep doing the yoga, or answer the phone?” I answered the call I thought was from Irvine California. A gentleman’s voice on the other end of the phone asked if I did hypnotherapy. “Yes, I do. Among other things.” He was visiting Ojai and wondered when he could have a session in person.

We met at Soul Body Ojai where I do workshops and see clients. I was grateful for the gift from the universe.

Once back home, I received an e-mail that one of the telesummits had paid me $996.26. BOOM! I asked and the universe delivered and before Tuesday! But that’s not all.

While making my dinner Saturday, I cut into an avocado I bought at Trader Joe’s and I must have missed the six seconds it was ripe because I had to toss it in the trash uneaten! I know the universe abhors waste as do I. So I asked God, “How can I have perfect avocados for little money?” I know God is busy, but this avocado thing was important.

The very next day as I walked Yoda down our little lane I noticed a lovely avocado that some little critter had taken a few chomps out of and left. As I looked around the avocado there was another just up the hill. I picked it up and turned it over in my hand. It was absolutely perfect! All it needed was about five days to ripen, but there was not a spot on it. I put it in my pocket saying, “Thank you, God!” God takes avocados seriously also, it seemed. I looked up at the tree for more avocados but could not find one. Prayers answered. Amen, Praise God! Hallelujah!

The following day, Yoda and I walked in the mist and again I found another perfectly formed but green avocado on the ground. I looked up and all around the entire tree and could not find one avocado. God was throwing avocados at me! My life is magical and I love living it. I so want to share how I do this with you.

Okay, so this is how I manifest. I know and BELIEVE that I can do it and the universe delivers what I ask. When I wanted to move from Newhall, one of my requests was that I would have plenty of trees and shade around me. God delivers what we ask for. I now live in the middle of an orange grove surrounded by fruit producing trees. I have an abundance of free lemons, limes, oranges and now grapefruit. What about other things?

On Saturday evening, I cut up one of two avocados I bought and found it wasn’t edible. I asked the universe, “How can I get perfect avocados without spending so much money on them?” It was a small thing.

Sunday morning while walking along our little lane, an avocado had dropped off a tree and rolled almost in front of my feet in the road. BOOM! I picked it up and thanked the universe. I looked up at the tree and couldn’t see one avocado on it. Weird! I thought.

Monday evening, while walking Yoda another avocado lay on the ground right along the path we walked. It was green but absolutely perfect! I knew if I set the avocados to ripen they would be ready in about five days. Beautiful! The two avocados I had to throw in the trash were replaced. As I approached my porch I noticed a perfectly orange large navel orange at the bottom of my steps on the ground. How perfect, now I am having fruit delivered to my doorstep for free! I said, “Thank you!”

I no longer worry about anything. I know it is taken care of when I ask.

When we focus our thoughts on what we want, believe we can have it everything we want comes to us with ease. Through energy clearing and Kundalini yoga I have cleared the blocks to receiving. I am open to receive. Our hearts are like magnets. Whatever is inside them whether it is pain or love attracts more of that to us. I help people find the love inside.

Today as I considered dieting to lose the pie weight I have gained (that my guides told me not to worry about) my landlord a delightful 90-year old genius and retired Geologist suggested a walk to his very full grapefruit tree. As I looked up at the abundance on the tree-laden with fruit, I realized how abundant my life was. I have a perfectly safe and quiet place to live. I am surrounded by nature, peace, and quiet. I have all the citrus, and herbs I could ever want for free and avocados were practically jumping into my hands as I walked by. My life is pretty freaking perfect! I love what I do, all my needs are met and then some. I love my clients. I travel frequently. My health is vibrant. I look younger today then I did ten years ago.

Life hasn’t always been this way. I was codependent, sick, depressed, anxious, worried incessantly, miserable and certainly not grateful. What changed? I changed my thoughts and reprogrammed my unconscious mind. I stopped looking for love outside of myself and I fell in love with me. I manifested the place of my dreams!

8 hours 8 days = Value $19,200

Why Scotland? I have traveled around most of the world including India, Bali and Europe. I lived in England for two years and have traveled across much of the US and Canada. Scotland is a place where the men are men and the air and water is so pure. The is no pollution and vast miles of uninhabited landscape. The people of Scotland are real, hearty. Scotland is a no bullshit kind of place. It is rugged, expansive and brilliant in vibration. It has a history dating back over 4,000 years. I love Scotland, it feels like home to me. The vibration in Scotland is high.

I have a system that works for changing people’s lives. I share this recipe with my coaching clients, in workshops and on retreats. If you follow the recipe you can have the exact life you dream about. I would love to share that with 7 very lucky people in Scotland where we can kick back, travel, enjoy each other’s company while I help you transform your mind and thoughts to create the life of your dreams. People have huge shifts with one session with me, can you imagine 8 hours a day for 7 days? Transform with me. Join me for this fabulous journey through magical Scotland and I’ll teach you how to manifest exactly what you want so you can have the life of your dreams!

Let’s have a conversation and see how this transformational intensive retreat can allow you to create the life of your dreams! Book a FREE call with me now!

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