Depression, Overwhelm with a side of “I suck!”

Depression, and overwhelm coupled with the self-punishing words I suck can be a tough place to be.

Depression can be triggered by relationship issues, a divorce, death, chemical imbalance or past life. Depression can become a very strong habit. The source of it could be from anger you feel you don’t have a right to. Like any strong habit it takes will power, effort, and dedication to break the habit. I did it myself without medication.

Telling ourselves phrases like the following has to stop; “You’re a dumb shit!” “You should know better!” “You should be further ahead by now!” “You’re not good enough!” None of these things are true. Repeating statements like these create problems in your life attracting challenges and more suffering.

Make sure you drink plenty of water after watching this video. I do a short clearing here for you that will lift your spirits and allow you to feel lighter, more calm, successful. My gift to you!

Have you seen my Love Bundle for improving dating prospects, healing the heart and attracting both love and money?

Remember comparing yourself to others collapses your energy field. There is no one else that has your unique style, gifts or talents. Comparing yourself to another is a disservice. You are here for a reason and a purpose it has nothing to do with Sally, Martha, or Rae-Ann or Steven.

Self-mastery is what I teach and guide clients with. What does that mean? I help you become the master of your life, the captain of your ship the purveyor of your destiny. I empower you, lift you up and allow you to see and feel your Divinity your truest expression of you. Life becomes magical when we step into our mastery.

Until we have the energies in our heart cleared we continue to carry around hurt, pain, sorrow, not feeling good enough, feeling like a victim, abuse, all that we have stuffed deep down into our heart. It lives there until we willingly and consciously let it out. I help you do these things as I did them for myself. If you are ready to commit to an exquisite life of love, Grace, ease and magic then let’s get started.

You don’t have to do this alone, like me. It took me over thirty years to get to the place of loving myself and each day I am alive. Invite me to a free call with you and we can discuss how different your life could be in six months or a year from now.

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