Re-Building From A Foundation of Love

Yesterday, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was devastated by fire. Today begins a rebuilding from a place of love.

Fire is one of the most destructive forces of nature. Fire is alive. If you have ever watched the flames of a fire you can see faces, movement, jumping, and even dancing. Fire is powerful.

Rebuilding with a different foundation

Broken Hearts and Dreams

Our hearts are breaking as we watch this iconic cathedral burning. The Notre Dame Cathedral was built with post and beam timbers from the 12th Century. Over time, these timbers became dry. What does this mean?

Very Strong Message

You might have dreamed of visiting The Notre Dame Cathedral and have never managed to get there. The message is clear: stop waiting and putting off your dreams! Find a way to make your dreams come true. Join me in Scotland or Santorini next year. Do the things you have been dreaming about before it is too late. Stop putting off your dreams, making excuses as to why you can’t do what you want. Find a way!

Change Is Inevitable

Our past is showing us that we have to change. The church has to change. We have to rebuild from a very different standpoint. The church has been built on lies. The churches have to honor all, not just some. Just as we need to learn to honor the beliefs and differences of our neighbors and partners.

The time of “Do as I say, not as I do,” is over. We need to be honest with ourselves first. We have to love, honor and cherish us. We need to let go of regret and forgive everyone.

Why Did This Fire Happen?

Fire is the fastest way to eradicate the old. The old ways that don’t serve us any longer are dying. Why did Notre Dame Cathedral catch fire? To rebuild from a place of love.

Fire burns out all. It is the most devastating force in nature. It cleanses and eradicates all. Like the fires in California, the Notre Dame Cathedral has been cleansed.

May peace fill your hearts and joy be what you see. May all good come out of this burning. Amen.

Re-Building From A Place of Love

Most importantly, when we have lost everything rebuilding happens. We rebuild from a different place, a place of simplicity. What do we really need and desire. Do we need all that we have?

Live Simply With Less Waste

Besides, when we live simply we become freer. We have more to give to those in need. Do we need 50 or 100 pairs of shoes? Is it possible to wear everything you have in your closet? Give away what you don’t need so someone who is in need has something to wear.

Therefore, if we only use what we need there will be enough to feed, clothe everyone on the planet. Will you give freely to the homeless, a no-kill shelter? What can you do for your neighbors? What can you do for your children? What can you do for the stray animal on the street.

This fire in Paris is not a reckoning, it is an AWAKENING. It is time to share what we have, in love.

It is a time to come together in truth, honor, respect and love. Sending you so much love today, from my heart to yours.

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