How I Manifested A Lexus

Manifesting is something I do on a daily basis, including my latest luxury Lexus. There was a time when I lived poverty consciousness in fear, guilt, and shame and when I did I was also out of faith. Today is a very different story for me. In ten years as one of my clients recently commented I have transformed my life into a beautiful dream-life living in Ojai, California, a small spiritual community that is prosperous and beautiful. I use my experience of how others can do the same.

There are many ways to get into the flow. Whether you step into the vortex of creation by writing down the great things you have accomplished this week or buying what you need without fear. Getting into the flow is what I do on a daily basis for myself and my clients.

If you have been following me for a while, you know I am quite the adventurer and road warrior. My little 2010 Honda Accord has served me very well these years. I was beginning to assess whether to spend money to fix what was wrong with it or buy a slightly used car. The Honda needed a new set of tires, two catalytic converters and certainly a good wash inside and out. I could easily spend $3,000 to make it feasible to drive it another year.

I was grateful every day for my little car. But it was starting to look very tired and worn out, for good reason.

Old Energies Needed To Go

There were other issues, however. There were plenty of memories created in my Honda with Karma, including driving her to the vet to be euthanized at the ripe old age of 21 and then taking her body to the crematorium. I remember crying all the way to Colorado St. Patrick’s Day in 2018 after having Karma put to sleep. Yes, there were happy memories, but there were sad ones too.

Over 210,000 miles and well-loved and used

The Honda was black and I had begun wearing more white as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in training. White is worn head to foot with only the occasional tan or taupe thrown in here and there. We even cover our heads with a white cap, scarf or turban.

Therefore, my black car didn’t suit me any longer. I had up-leveled my energy and my car had done the opposite. Even the headlights didn’t shine brightly any longer. My Honda’s light was dimming.

On Thursday, April 18th, I didn’t leave the house planning on buying a car. In fact, the only plan was to get cowboy boots for my son’s wedding. Yes, the venue and theme are Country and Western, they are getting married in a barn in Michigan. Don’t ask! I am getting with the program and will be line dancing with the best of them!

Step By Step How I Manifested This Fabulous New Car

My friend Sadie came up on April 16th her first day off after tax season ended in months. We celebrated the day together in Ojai. We went into a high-end dress shop at the top end of Ojai. I found two, count ’em two cute dresses that fit and made my ass look great! I was ready to buy them both until I heard the price tag on the green one. I said, “Never mind!” Sadie asked, “Are you sure that green one looked really great on you!” It was more than I wanted to spend on one dress. I felt my energy drop as soon as I walked out of the store. I felt that I made the wrong decision I wasn’t standing in faith.

We left and I found myself mulling over the events of the day and the fact that I missed out on two beautiful dresses that fit great and suited me. I would have been covered for the wedding except for the cowboy boots!

Truth: You never seem to find what you are looking for when you go out looking for something specific. Shopping without a goal in mind the greatest gifts seem to present themselves without us even trying. The same holds true for love. When we go out looking for it we never find it.

As soon as I was finished with clients the following day, I went back and bought both dresses. I felt so much better.

The very next day, I drove to Ventura to find cowboy boots at the BootBarn. I had never been there before and was sure I wouldn’t be able to find anything. It was a passing thought that I was able to shift as soon as I walked in the front door. There were hundreds of boots in every possible color and design. Something for everyone, including brides! Go figure!

Within minutes I found not one but two pairs of gorgeous boots for very little money. Wow was I in the flow! I bought them both. Both matched the dresses I just bought. Leaving the Boot Barn, I asked a couple of women where the closest car wash that was worth it. They told me there was one about six miles away. The cost was about $24.00. I felt that was more than I wanted to spend.

The Long and The Short Of It

  1. A week earlier I stopped to talk to a woman outside of Costco who was sitting in her Lexus. I tapped on her window and asked her how old her car was and whether she liked it. She responded she loved it and it was 10 years old. She never had a minute of trouble with it and she loved to drive it. Her car was a sand color, which I really loved. I decided then that Lexus was the car for me since I couldn’t afford a Tesla just yet.
  2. I treated Sadie to lunch since I hadn’t seen her in such a long time and she drove all the way up from Orange County to see me (2.5 hours). I mention that I paid for lunch because there is a flow in abundance we have to give (gratitude, energy, and spending our money) to receive more.
  3. I didn’t buy the dresses that were perfect for me because I felt that one dress was too expensive. My energy tanked when I wasn’t in faith.
  4. I returned the next day to buy the dresses and felt so much better, excited even and empowered.
  5. The third day, I went to Boot Barn and bought two pairs of boots. I expressed my gratitude to the sales lady who did a great job. I thanked Yoda for behaving and being a good dog. I was in GRATITUDE.
  6. I quipped to the two women that my car was dirty so I needed a new one!
  7. On my way to get the car washed I heard in my head, “If you pass a Lexus dealership turn in!”
  8. Before I got to the Costco car wash I saw a Lexus dealer. I turned in!
  9. In the lot, I said to myself, I wonder if they have my color? They did, and only one in the sand color with the parchment leather interior.
  10. I looked at the price tag and thought,”Holy cow, I can do this!” The salesman came by and told me that the car had just come in from being serviced and detailed. It had brand new tires, heated seats my only other criteria besides interior and exterior color.
  11. Though the car was used and had 81,000 miles, I knew it was capable of lasting well between 250 and 300,000 miles.
  12. The car was loaded with extras even better than I imagined.
  13. I knew because of how I walked away from the dresses earlier in the week that I had to buy this car as it was presented FOR ME BY THE UNIVERSE. I was Guided to “Turn in.”
  14. When we were test-driving the car on the highway, the first song that played when the salesman turned on the radio was Billy Idol’s, “Dancing With Myself.” I happen to love that song, it has a special meaning to me. I also went to see Billy Idol in Indio near Palm Dessert last May. The second song that played was Van Halen something about living your dream. That was it, I reached over and offered my hand and said you have a sale! The two songs were confirmation and I began to cry with gratitude.
  15. Of course, there was some tough negotiating that went on, with me texting Sadie and my client in Denver about the blue book value of my Honda Accord. Armed with this information I now had what I needed to negotiate. When I drove into the dealership I had no intention of buying a car, I wasn’t prepared and my Honda was dirty inside and out!
  16. Sadie texted me additional used Lexus pricing and mileage so I had something to compare it to.
  17. The Lexus 350ES was loaded with every option imaginable including an auto screen for the back window, a backup camera, and dashboard screen, pushbutton start, upgraded leather, bird’s eye maple steering wheel and trim on the dash, shifter, and doors. The previous owners had loaded this baby!
  18. The Universe always gives us something way greater than what we ever imagined.
  19. I was in faith, gratitude and had no doubt that this care was meant for me. It was the color I wanted with the interior leather color I wanted. It had the heated seats that were a must-have and non-negotiable option. If I walked away I would not have another opportunity such as this at this level.
  20. I said YES! I signed on the dotted line when I felt like I had the best deal I could get. I thanked the salesman and then proceeded to clear out the contents of my full trunk from the Honda.
  21. I took a final photo of the Honda and expressed my gratitude to my Beloved old car. The Honda had served me well and I was grateful to how well it performed and how safely it carried me through all those miles.

There are several things that must be in place to manifest our desires. If you haven’t downloaded my FREE e-book Manifestation For Beginners here on my website do it now! Below is a condensed version of what I did to manifest this beautiful, luxurious car. Learn how to manifest with this little bundle.

  1. I talked to the woman in her Lexus at Costco and began to visualize myself in a Lexus.
  2. I began to feel myself driving it and allowed my energy to rise to meet the vibe of this luxurious car.
  3. I knew I was worthy.
  4. I knew I was deserving.
  5. I knew that I was enough.
  6. I loved myself.
  7. I knew the Universe loved and supported me.
  8. I had complete faith.
  9. I knew the Universe had my back.
  10. I knew the Universe provides for me when I ask.
  11. My Guides and I had a conversation about spending money on a nearly 10-year old car to fix it. Even after spending $3,000 I would still have a ten-year old car with over 210,000 miles.
  12. Buying the two dresses kept me in the flow, rather than in fear.
  13. Buying the two pair of boots that matched the dresses allowed me to feel elated, in gratitude and worthy. I had the money. I have been paying my bills on time. My credit cards were paid off. I put money in my IRA, I did my taxes on time. I paid my tax bill on time. I was responsible. I was living within my means.
  14. I love my little Honda. I blessed it every day I got in and told it I loved it. I expressed my gratitude for it serving me well every time I got behind the wheel.
  15. I love my apartment.
  16. I love where I live.
  17. I love my Kundalini yoga teacher, Tara Matthews.
  18. I loved what I have, including my little dog, Yoda and my cats.
  19. I am grateful for my life, and all that I have.
  20. I don’t complain.
  21. I trust myself and the Guidance I receive.
  22. I meditate every day. I am committed deeply to my daily spritual practice.
  23. I do inner work on myself every day.
  24. I live in complete faith. I know the Universe takes care of me and always has my back.
  25. I know that we live in a state of flow when we spend, rather than hang onto our money. If we live in fear that we won’t have enough, we never have enough. I always have enough.
  26. I was grateful to the salesman. I was honest. I was vulnerable, I cried in front of him in gratitude for what I was given; this beautiful Lexus.

Happy Manifesting. Remember to get my free download and here is my $11 bundle to clear your energy, help you manifest and raise your vibration so you can manifest like a Yogi!

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