Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

When you understand the source, the cure is available!

Over 300 million people suffer from depression worldwide, it can be overcome when you understand the way the mind works.

Depression is sometimes a slow moving dark cloud that encircles you making you feel irritable and increasingly unworthy.

What Causes Depression?

The source of depression is from anger we feel we don’t have a right to?

If we focus on the past we have depression. If we focus on the future we have anxiety. (apparently misquoted as being from Lao Tzu)

  • rape
  • sexual molestation
  • abuse
  • anger from any of the above

What Are Depression Symptoms?

  • anger or rage
  • irritability
  • despair
  • body pains
  • inflammation
  • helplessness and hopelessness
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of motivation
  • insomnia or sleeping too much
  • deep fatigue
  • no interest in the things that normally would bring you pleasure (sex, exercise, family, friends)
  • wanting to hurt or harm yourself (cutting)
  • suicidal ideation (thinking about and wondering about killing yourself)

Doctors will tell you that they have no idea where depression comes from. However, when you get rid of the underlying root cause of depression mysteriously lifts. It can shift in one energy clearing session as it did for Starr West Perry.

How Jennifer Helped A Client

Starr was sleeping 18 hours a day with suicidal ideation. In one energy clearing session, her depression and suicidal ideation were gone.

Molestation is one of the biggest reasons adults become depressed. When an adult we trust crosses boundaries and hurts us emotionally and physically creates a deep-seated rage along with feeling invalidated, repressed, controlled, broken, lost with feelings of not being good enough, shame and tremendous guilt. Losing our innocence and being put in adult situations before we are mature enough to handle the situations creates limiting beliefs in the mind that run our lives until they are removed.

What Can You Do Now?

  • be mindful
  • activate your vagus nerve
  • meditate
  • breathe deeply
  • get your energy cleared
  • work with a coach that understands depression and low self-esteem
  • take my depression quiz and discover more about yourself
  • get help right now with this depression and anxiety healing program
  • book a session with Jennifer

Praise For Jennifer

Depression Lifted!

“I have just got to say, Jennifer’s voice heals! She is so calming and reasuring, that I felt better right away.

I was having severe depression, sleeping 18-20 hours a day. Things were getting worse for me daily and I began to have suicidal thoughts. I was tired of feeling so bad and at the time didn’t see a way out. My whole world was crashing in on top of me.

Jennifer Helped Me

I reached out to Jennifer in desperation, she immediately began clearing me. So many things were showing up and my energy level was at 5%. She worked with me for at least an hour.

I Felt Better Immediately!

I immediately felt the veil of despair lifted and no longer had suicidal thoughts, my depression was gone. It was amazing!!! My sleeping habits became normal again and my energy level, well I couldn’t believe how good I felt. It’s been over 2 weeks since my clearing and I still feeling great!!!

I would definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone and know that her energy work will change their life too. I do hope people will seek her help before they get to the point I was at. But I can honestly say Jennifer saved my life.

Jennifer listens and takes action. Her unconditional love and compassion come through and she has a very calming effect when you are in your darkest places.”  Starr West Perry, Covington, GA

Do you feel you can’t do this alone? You don’t have to. Book your FREE Discovery Session right NOW!

On A Budget?

Jennifer has created four healing audio tracks that heal depression and anxiety. Listening to these audio tracks is the next best thing to a personal session with Jennifer. Her voice is calming. You will begin to feel better immediately.

It took Jennifer over 35 years of inner work, study, and deep introspection, certifications and working with gurus all around the world to learn what she shares now with her clients. You reap the benefits of her ability to heal herself as she lovingly shares, encourages and ignites the fire inside you to love yourself deeply and unconditionally. Book your session now.

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