Anxiety Cures

I remember my last sleepless night, the gut-wrenching anxiety leaving my body. The overwhelming message was to stop and do something different! Pray! That night changed my life forever.

When I began to pray instead of attempting to control and manage all the worries, I turned them over to a higher power and let them go. My worry wasn’t solving anything, in fact, it made my body tense, sick and overwhelmed with the stress I couldn’t handle.

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Letting Go

We hang on and try to control our lives, the world, universe, friends, partners, and life. The tighter we hang on the worse our life becomes.

Anxiety causes stress in the body and mind. It does us absolutely no good to worry. Worry hurts us and doesn’t help those we are concerned about.

Whether it is anxiety or fear, when we are clutched in its grip our life is in misery and we suffer. Our health suffers. We end up with heartburn, acid reflux at the very least. If our worries, fear, and anxiety continue for any length of time we take years off our lives due to the stress in our body. One in Thirteen people in the US alone suffers from anxiety.

Anxiety and stress cause health issues. I know, I had heartburn, acid reflux, acidity in my body which caused cancer, tumors, Fibromyalgia, and Epstein Barr auto-immune disease. I know what anxiety does to the body and our lives. Which is why I have committed to help you over the next 21 days to overcome anxiety, fears, and worry. I am teaching exactly what I did to cure all my physical and mental health issues with you naturally.

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