A Return To Love

This past weekend I witnessed a love so pure it made me weep with joy. The following is a truly sweet love story.

David was born in London, England thirty-five years ago. He was a beautiful sweet baby with blonde curls that I let grow long. People stopped us on the street to gaze at him thinking he was a girl. His older brother railed against their belief saying, “He’s not a sister he’s a brother!” Adam was his protector.

David was sweet, generous and kind. As a child, he had difficulty saying the word Spaghetti. Instead, he said “pisgetti.”

Growing up in a household filled with animals, he bonded deeply with our cats and dogs. David was a romantic and loved deeply.

David overcame tremendous obstacles in his life that others would shy away from. These challenges made him stronger but not hard. Kindness never left him no matter what he encountered. He has a never give up attitude and knowledge that unless you risk everything you can never have everything. The stars aligned and David left Georgia for Denver, Colorado.

Ray Lewis in his collar and tie, included of course!
They recognize the importance of alone time, putting their relationship first ahead of all others. Notice Ray Lewis to David’s right included in the festivities and ceremony.

David is a planner. David had a job right away and a place to share with an old friend in Denver. His housemate introduced David and Dani.

David had papers drawn up and adopted Dani’s dogs!

Danielle met David at a group event and a month later had their first date in December 2016.

Gradually, David started his own pool company. His degree in Psychology helped him understand his customers. He always brought treats for their dogs which went over well with both the dogs and clients. David came to a place of peace within himself doing work he loved.

Danielle was born in Royal Oak, Michigan 3,752 miles away from London on August 30. She is a Virgo. She was a sweet generous and loving child with blonde hair. She loved animals adopting many into her adulthood. Her sister managed to scare off the bullies for Danielle at school protecting her. Danielle also graduated with a degree in psychology.

As a child, Danielle had difficulty saying the word spaghetti. Instead, she said “pisgetti.”

David’s long-time friends and college roommates Jimmy and Amanda. Amanda officiated.

How these two found each other in Denver was a miracle. All I know is that the universe orchestrated a way to bring them together.

Danielle’s favorite holiday is July 4th. She loved the sparklers and fireworks and the light-heartedness of the day. David proposed to her on July 4th her favorite holiday in 2017. They planned a wedding two July 6th, 2019 to include the 4th of July holiday in the festivities, in order to buy a house first. Over a three-year period, David’s business tripled. He loved what he was doing and his customers loved him.

In May 2017 they moved into their new home.

The Pisces male – Virgo woman is the best match in the Zodiac according to my research. These two are absolutely made for one another. David is emotional, Danielle is grounded and practical. Danielle is the earth to David’s water. Where David is weak, Danielle is strong. Where David is strong Danielle is weak. The two balance one another. Their core values are in complete alignment. They know themselves well.

This match and marriage are important not just to my family but to families everywhere. True love does exist. Never give up, never lose faith. Seeing these two together made me weep with joy not just for them but for all of us. We are all returning to love slowly, but surely. Love is what matters most. Love heals all. Love is what we all need.

Dani didn’t let a little rain dampen her spirits this day was Divine!

In order to have a love like Dani’s and David’s, we must love ourselves first. We have to commit to self-care, loyalty what is best for ourselves to be loyal and loving to another. We must take care of ourselves first, honoring and respecting ourselves to be able to honor and respect another.

“I have the most beautiful girl in the world and she’s married to me!”
Dan’s family: Karen, Dani, Whitney, and Ron

Without self-love we are co-dependent. We lack self-trust and respect which are paramount for a lasting relationship. If you are ready to have a love like this, allow me to help you, call you out on your bullsh*t so that you can be honest with yourself too. I help clients gain self-respect, confidence and a joy for living which allows them to radiate beauty from within. Set up your FREE discovery session with me now to create a plan for your life transformation now.

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