I Thought I Lost It

I thought it was gone forever. I lost my dry cleaning ticket for my favorite very expensive sweater. When I called the cleaners they told me they didn’t have it. The man with a heavy Asian accent told me, “There is nothing with that phone number.” I asked again, “Are you absolutely sure?” As if this man didn’t know the business he started forty years ago and lived and worked in every day since then. He knew. There was no sweater there for me.

Something told me to drive to the cleaners anyway, even without the handy dandy ticket. The “No tickey no washey” phrase was ringing in my ears!

I listened and went anyway!

Because I dropped off my favorite long white fuzzy sweater at the cleaners on a dull cool day in June I wondered if they would still have it. It had been months since then. This sweater had been worn many times to Kundalini functions, early morning Sadhana and even for more than half of my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. My closet was filled with brightly colored clothes. Coming up with somethng white to wear had been a real issue for me. The white sweater went with everything. I loved that freaking sweater!

I was already mourning the loss…

The feelings of loss felt like a kick in my gut. I knew if I could buy another one I would. I really loved it. It was soft, cozy and the perfect length. It covered my ample butt! Need I say more?


A middle-aged woman rose from a chair to greet me. I was surprised. Where was the man, I had just spoken to, I wondered? She was wearing a lovely flowered dress with a light raspberry-colored overlay. She had her sweater! I told her I had just called. She replied, “Oh?”

I gave her my phone number telling her I didn’t have my ticket. She asked for my name and proceeded to spin the clothing until she found what she was looking for. My stomach did a flip-flop when I saw her walk to the counter with my favorite fuzzy white sweater!

I Was Mistaken

“That is so strange!” I said. “The man I spoke to said there was no sweater here!” Then I got it. I had called the wrong dry cleaners. I had looked up the address that “seemed” correct in my mind and called them. I even asked if they were located right next door to the laundromat? He replied, “Yes.” I put two and two together and got THREE!

It was the wrong dry cleaners! Angels singing! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Has This Ever Happened To You?

  • you do the research
  • you find what you are looking for
  • you call the number
  • you are disappointed with what you are told
  • you give up

Don’t Ever Give Up!

  • there is always a silver lining
  • good things are right around the corner
  • the lack is an illusion
  • you’re looking in the wrong place
  • you assumed you were right
  • you continued to focus on being right
  • you hit a wall
  • you gave up

Things Are Never What They Seem

The argument with your spouse or child, your mistaken identity, your misgivings are never what they seem.

We give up too soon without having all the facts. We assume. We jump to conclusions. We think we know how our spouse feels, but we don’t. We can’t possibly. We never know what is right around the corner if we just keep trying but do it differently.

We Can Only Win When We Don’t Give UP!

The store owner’s conclusion was that he didn’t have my sweater. I could have taken his word as fact and given up. I could have concluded I did call the right place and they sold or gave away my beautiful sweater. I had faith. I didn’t give up. I kept on trying. I drove to the dry cleaners anyway. I got my sweater.

Waking Up To The Dream

Our partners, bosses, kids, friends are never what they seem. We judge. We jump. We straddle those conclusions and make them our bitch. But they aren’t. We might be wrong. The conclusion we come to might be that we should never be in a relationship because it has never worked for us. We might assume the book will never be a best-seller because no one in our family believes in us. We might assume that our mother is standing in our way of success.

We Would Be Wrong To Assume

We always lose when we assume something of others. We assume we are unsuccessful. We assume we don’t have what it takes. We assume we will never get there because we have done this so many times and it hasn’t netted the desired results. But maybe we just looked in the wrong place?

What If All We Needed Was Someone Who Has A Direct Connection?

Because I have walked through the fires of life and grown in wisdom I know how to get you where you want to go. The years of training has opened my intuition to be clear. The thousands of women and men I have helped continue to be astounded at how clear the messages are that I receive for them.

The guidance I receive is spot-on accurate. What I get from The Universe and your High Self can save you decades and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention years of therapy. I have my ear to the ground and an open heart. I am a powerful and clear channel. I’ve got you.

Together We are Stronger

Together, we will create your plan to accomplish what you came here to do. I help you have the courage to divorce the alcoholic, to move out of the trap you are in, to take that trip, to marry the guy. Sometimes we just need someone who has been where we are to show us the way. I shine the light into the shadow so that it becomes radiant, brilliant and beautiful. I help you get to where you want to go but were afraid to go it alone.

Set up your FREE CLARITY Session. Let’s get you on the fastest path to success, brilliance, and happiness today. Do it NOW! If you could have done it alone, you would already be there.

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