If Self-Pity Keeping You Stuck?

There is little we can do to sabotage ourselves that is more damaging than self-pity.

Self-sabotage is like living suicide

Maladaptive Behavior

Self-pity is a compelling, maladaptive coping behavior when we have difficulty accepting our situation or circumstances looking for the sympathy and condolences of others. It is an inexplicable craving for sympathy.

What Are The Signs Of Self-Pity

  • we feel like a victim
  • we have an exaggerated sense of pity about our life or circumstances
  • inability to laugh at oneself
  • an unhealthy habit of being self-absorbed
  • deep down don’t feel worthy of love
  • an unconscious feeling of guilt
  • tend to crave for sympathy
  • focus on the past rather than the present
  • have a warrior type of personality fighting with life, and others
  • keep yourself separate from others (self-pity is a way of keeping yourself separate

How Can We Overcome It

The first step is to take responsibility for your actions and life. Letting go of victimhood, recognizing you have power rather than being powerless.

Learning how to love ourselves gives us the empowerment necessary to overcome the past challenges that we all face. People who crave affection and attention from others do so because it makes them feel better. Those with low self-esteem don’t give love to themselves.

Until we are able to love ourselves we can’t receive love from others.

Discover More About Yourself

Take my self-love quiz here.

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I met Jennifer a few years ago and instantly I was drawn to her energy and nurturing spirit.  She arrived at a time when beginning my personal journey of self-discovery to which she became an important part of.   When I first reached out to her, I was struggling with issues stemming from childhood trauma, low energy, left over feelings from broken relationships and just not feeling fulfilled with my current life.  

My first session with Jennifer included a beautiful discovery conversation and deep energy clearing, which left me feeling like my inner light had been turned back on.  

Turning my light back on was just the start.  Whether it has been through a personal session, attending a group event, her courses and even reading her books, I have enjoyed working with Jennifer immensely.  One of the best things about Jennifer is she has this really great spectrum of wisdom and resources that she continuously explores and expands.

There is a remarkable difference between when I first started working with Jennifer and the phenomenal healer she has grown to be  today. Her energy and light has become so brilliant and she is limitless when it comes to anything I turn to her to help me with. She always has something in her toolbox not matter what my goal, problem or need is. Working with her literally catapults me to the next level with less effort and greater enjoyment.  

Another great part of working with Jennifer is her commitment to my success.  Her work is very unique, not just some cookie cutter program that she prerecords for the masses, where she just throws a video or a book at me and leaves me hanging.  She is invested in my personal growth and achievements. Jennifer is so very compassionate and genuinely cares about each of her clients. She always answers any questions I have or gives extra insight and direction if there is something I am struggling to master.

Working with Jennifer has put me in the driver’s seat and in control of my happiness.  I went from going through the motions, struggling to survive to being alive and thriving.  I released unhealthy relationships, limiting beliefs, negative attachments……..and anything else that was getting in the way of my happiness.  I am enjoying a life where there is no limit to the happiness I can achieve.

I have stepped onto the path of pursuing my passion as a Coach, enjoying healthy and fulfilling relationships and I am a conscious and deliberate manifester.   

Working with Jennifer will prepare you for the life you have been looking for, the one you deserve.  She creates such a comfortable, warm and safe environment that feels more like being wrapped in warm Love than a stripping of yourself like some programs.  She shares her beautiful gifts and love with each of her clients to give them an expanded perspective and teaches the tools to overcome anything and everything that is holding you back.  She will have you crying, smiling, laughing and cheering……and most importantly LOVING THE BEAUTIFUL CREATION THAT YOU ARE! Stephanie L. Virginia

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