3 Steps To Increasing Intuition Exponentially and Quickly

Humans have natural abilities to help keep us safe, intuition is one of them.

You have heard of “gut feelings,” or “instinct,” each of these helps us to understand something without cognitive reasoning. Intuition is our God-given ability to guide us in the best direction.

What We Require

For intuition to expand and grow we need to get out of our minds, into our hearts with mindfulness and learn to trust.

As children, we had an inner knowing that often is poo-pooed by parents telling us, “don’t be so silly!” In my family’s case, my mother was intuitive in early childhood. She can recount feelings she had about something that came true. Her intuition proved her right. She had an inner knowing.

When we doubt ourselves we block our abilities. When our self-esteem is low we often live in fear feeling unheard and misunderstood. As we build our self-esteem we develop a deep trust for ourselves. We must trust ourselves to be able to also trust the guidance as it comes to us.

Intuition can be a thought that isn’t ours, or a feeling or knowing about something that comes from outside of us or from our Higher Self.

My Story Of How I Came To Trust

Back in 2001, I had a landscaping business called For Heaven Scapes, Ltd. Each morning I would go out into my barn on my property and choose tools for the job I was about to begin. As time went on, I noticed a glow around certain tools or objects as if to say, “take me!” I argued with this guidance thinking that I knew better. I say this laughing to myself now. Our guidance is never wrong.

As I loaded up day after day a particular tarp, or machete´or other tool would be lit up that seemed incongruous for the work I was doing. I would tell myself and whoever was listening, “I don’t need that today, I am doing a sod job!” I would get three-quarters of the way through the landscaping work and find the very thing I needed to complete the job was the tool that was lit up that morning. I used to resist the information I was given. You could say, I was pig-headed or stubborn.

After many months of me arguing with this guidance and seeing how accurate it was, I began to sink in and trust what I was seeing. Rather than fighting with what I was being shown thinking that I knew better I released my control over the situation and capitulated. Giving in and trusting made my life so much easier. Instead of fighting and arguing like the stubborn mule that I used to be, I began to listen to and follow my guidance.

Intuition Makes Life Easier

As I began to follow the guidance, I would allow the universe to orchestrate my life for me. Instead of feeling the need to step in and take control of a situation, I would allow things to unfold naturally. I began to recognize that the natural order would take over giving me much better results than when I tried to step in and “fix things” myself.

Case In Point

I have a big birthday coming up. For over a year, I planned to visit my adult off-spring in Colorado to celebrate the event. When I mentioned the weekend to my middle son, David who recently got married he said he wouldn’t be in town as it was his wife’s best friend’s 30th birthday. My first reaction was to feel hurt as if I wasn’t as important to my son, which in truth isn’t the case. He is doing his best to balance work-life and family.

Adam and David

When I followed guidance yesterday and checked flights on a Thursday, I was offered alternative dates which gave me additional time in Colorado. I heard a voice in my head say, “Well maybe you could stay with David for the extra nights.” Of course, I made the reasonable excuses, he is busy, he is going away, I’ll have Yoda with me and his dog is jealous of Yoda.

Miraculous things occur when we step out of the way, trust the unfoldment and the process of life. I didn’t fight the extra days for my trip. I knew if I was supposed to go the pet sitter would appear, the place to stay would happen easily. My phone rang as I was getting ready to go get my hair done for my birthday. It was my son, David. He admitted being torn up about missing my birthday and wondered how he could celebrate both next weekend?

David told me his older brother Adam had called and reported that I was arriving on Thursday night. He offered his place to stay and Friday as a day to all celebrate together. He would still be able to go away to celebrate his wife’s best friend’s 30th birthday and spend time with me as well.

I trust the universe. I trust the unfoldment and the process. I recognize that my little pea brain as intelligent as I might be isn’t a match for the magnificence of the omniscient omnipresent God. I have learned that no matter what I can imagine the universe’s offering is always so much greater than my own.

The Operative Word Is TRUST

When we don’t trust ourselves, we don’t trust others, including the angels, guides and the universal Source energy. Without trust, we won’t believe the feeling in our stomach when we begin dating someone. We will go headlong into a relationship only to find out the person is a liar, cheater or alcoholic.

How Can Intuition Help Me?

Life becomes easier when we trust the guidance. We can listen to what we receive about a client and give them exactly what they need whether it is a treatment, advice or suggestion. When we listen to the intuition we receive whether it is a profound feeling, thought, a movie in our mind or a word typed out for us in our head we move in the best direction without deviating from our purpose and path.

Discoveries Made Quickly

We find the best coach, teacher, or doctor when we trust our intuition. We discover the lump, the man, woman or perfect client or job. We step into the flow of wisdom of the ages which makes our lives so much easier.

How Do I Know It Is Intuition?

Have you ever had any of the following experiences?

  • You thought about someone and then they called.
  • You have a sinking feeling before something serious happened.
  • You get a gut feeling that you need to travel somewhere and something profound happens.
  • You feel strongly you need to leave by a certain time and because you do you mysteriously avoid an accident.
  • You hear a voice in your head say, “Check prices on airline tickets to Denver.” You might think to yourself but it’s Thursday afternoon, I never buy tickets on a Thursday, Tuesday is the best day! But you check anyway and find a return ticket from Santa Barbara to Denver on Frontier for $135.00! Unheard of pricing! (Maybe not the best choice but a valid airline if you carry a backpack and don’t bring luggage.)
  • You get a gut feeling to be on the road by 5:00 PM at the latest and even when a friend says, “Why don’t you stay another night it’s so late now,” and leaving meant you avoided being caught in a flood or natural disaster.
  • You meet someone for the very first time and feel you already “know them.”
  • You are delayed to go to a store or laundromat and find the delay meant you met someone very special, like a new friend or someone who could assist you in some way.
  • You have a strong gut feeling to not let your child do something but let them go anyway because it feels silly. Meanwhile, they get injured or have an accident.
  • A voice in your head says, “You might even get to stay at your son’s next weekend when you least expect it!” You put the thought aside and the very next day your son calls and you discover your son has changed his plans to make himself available for your visit!
  • When you ask yourself a question the answer comes in the form of a mind movie, phrase, or feeling.

Steps To Increase Intuition

  1. Learn how to love yourself. Self-love allows you to sink in and instead of being afraid of yourself and power you embrace it, loving all of you.
  2. Build your trust muscle. Learning to trust ourselves is the fastest way to increase intuition. We have to be able to trust the guidance we receive. If we don’t trust ourselves, we don’t trust anyone else either.
  3. Notice the gut feelings, dreams and start writing them down when they happen, date each entry. Use this “Intuition Journal,” to keep track of how often you receive intuition follow or not and what the outcome is.
  4. Meditate. Okay, this is the fourth step and I said three. So shoot me! BONUS! Daily meditation allows us to sink inside and listen to our high self, Guides, angels and the Ascended Masters as they speak to us to assist us. The universe is interactive. The more we get quiet the better able to hear what flows into our brain that isn’t ours, (guidance).

Take A Course: Learn To Read The Akashic Records

Learning from someone who has obvious intuition and channeled guidance is the best and fastest way to increase your intuitive powers. The Akashic Records connects us with higher guidance, The Ascended Masters and our soul records. Each time we open our Akashic Records we connect with the Ascended Masters who are pretty much all-knowing. They will begin to work with you on a daily basis guiding your every move when you ask.

Studying the Akashic Records increased my connection with Source, allowed me to become self-realized and completely fearless in months.

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records contain all the information of every thought, word, deed, and emotion that ever occurred from the beginning of each soul’s existence. These records are maintained by Archangel Metatron who guards the records as well and can help you understand your soul’s meanderings and purpose.

The world’s blueprint, structures, and origins are also located in the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are changeable and are re-written as changes are made. Each time I do an energy clearing within the Akashic Records, I ask for the issues to be eliminated from them. Every time our records are opened we receive healing and our consciousness is elevated. Working in the Akashic Records, therefore, speeds up the process of our evolution.

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Up-level Your Life With The Akashic Records

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