How To Navigate Mercury Retrogrades Easily

Mercury Retrograde can be a time of anxiety, fear, and misery if we let it, however, there are beneficial aspects once we know how to navigate this three-week plus time period.

The final Mercury Retrograde of 2019 began on Halloween, October 31st at 11:42 AM EST in the sign of Scorpio.

What Is A Mercury Retrograde?

A retrograde period is approximately three-weeks in length for the planet Mercury when it slows down which causes it to appear to be turning backward. Think of sitting in your car in a parking lot when a car beside you begins to back up, it feels as if you are moving. Liken that experience to driving down the highway at 80 mph when someone passes you doing 90. It feels as if you are going backward.

In addition, a shadow point precedes and follows the retrograde period. The beginning of the shadow point and retrograde period are the strongest. The end of the shadow point and retrograde are the weakest.

And there are other retrograde periods as well, but none as well-known as Mercury Retrograde.

What Does Scorpio Involve?

This Mercury Retrograde falls in the 8th House of Scorpio ruled by the planet Pluto (I don’t believe in the non-planet BS). It is considered the house of sex, taboos, of other people’s money, death and rebirth. It rules inheritances, legacies, and wills, death, taxes, spirituality, finances, joint finances, mortgages, and surgery.

Best Use of A Mercury Retrograde

  • re-organize
  • re-do great time to edit a book, or redo what has already been done
  • re-cycle
  • re-new get a facial, massage,
  • go back and look at old emails for missed information
  • re-do a course to discover what you missed
  • clean out closets
  • de-clutter
  • contact old friends
  • plan, strategize
  • gather information
  • research
  • return to destinations you have been before

Best To Avoid During A Retrograde

  • elective surgery (tummy tucks, facelifts, etc.)
  • travel to new places
  • buying luxury items
  • buying a cell phone
  • buying a computer
  • buying a car
  • signing contracts: if you must, read the contract very carefully or have an attorney look it over as something could pop up later that is unexpected
  • starting a new job
  • dating someone new
  • starting a new project
  • getting your haircut or colored

Why Not?

Why shouldn’t you do any of the above during this time? You may feel you spent too much money on the product purchased. You may hate your haircut and have to return for a second. You may have problems with the new phone or computer purchased or not like it once Mercury turns direct.

My friend Cheney Hall, who is an astrologer warned a client to change the date of her facelift. Her response, “I don’t believe in that!” She went ahead with her elective surgery. The surgery was a disaster. One of her eyebrows began to sag. She had to go back and have it redone.

What Can You Expect During A Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is associated with delays, traffic, accidents, computers, cell phones, miscommunications, finances, lost items, drama and regret over purchases, haircuts, cars, and relationships. Depending on when you were born Mercury could have the potential to improve communication and allow you to be more precise when expressing yourself. If you were born during a Mercury Retrograde then you might benefit greatly from this three-week period.

Retrograde Archives for more information

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