Exciting Predictions For 2020

An exciting new energy has already arrived. Happy New Year to YOU!

As a Mystic and channel the information I share in this seven-minute video, are the highlights of what to expect in 2020.

The energy of 2020 is fast-moving. It is the year of accountability. We need to stand in our truth. If we copy someone else’s quotes or words we must cite the original source. We must be careful to be accountable for our words, actions, and posts.

We need to be responsible for our actions, letting go of any type of victimhood, excuse-making or self-pity. Blaming others for where we are in our lives is no longer going to work for us. The past served a purpose. The reason we experienced what we did was so that we would process, let go and heal.

More Fun

Yes, we will have a lot more fun in 2020. Rather than watching from the sidelines, you will join in and become a greater part of your community. Being out in the public eye for healers, coaches and speakers will be easier this year for many. Strategies are necessary to put in place, but with careful planning comes greater prosperity.

Travel Figures Prominently

As a year of greater fun and adventure, travel will be easier for you to make happen. Put your plan into action, begin putting money away so that you can join me in Rhodes Greece stopping in Athens first. If you are committed to raising your vibration, mindfulness, Kundalini Yoga, or stepping into your highest truth of who you are, this trip to Rhodes will be great fun for you and very enlightening! Manifesting in the moment, and enjoying the small things in life that bring the greatest joy this retreat is for you!

Prosperity and Abundance

January 25th is the beginning of the White Metal Rat Year in Chinese Astrology. Rat years are wonderful for abundance for most people especially when we use strategies and planning rather than flying by the seat of our pants.

The More Inner Work The More Rewards

Let go of the victim story. Let it all go! It is time to look upward. It is a year of motion. Onward and upward, positivity. It is a good year to save and invest.

Health and Diet

Eating a balanced healthy diet with less gluten and dairy is best for most of us.

Natural Look With Less Makeup

The higher our vibration becomes, the better we begin to look naturally. Your inner light shines from within making you look vibrant and beautiful naturally. This new year promises to be one of a more natural look, less is more with makeup.

Natural Healing

Natural healing will take a greater market share in 2020 with more Scientific research to back up the claims that healers are making. Each of us has the power to heal ourselves innately. More people will take courses to learn self-healing from those of us that teach healing practices.

All in all, 2020 promises to be a much more fun year for enterprising individuals who look for the uptick and higher ground on a daily basis.

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