How To Powerfully Boost Your Immune System

The world can feel like a very scary place right now everywhere we turn there is news of the Coronavirus. We might feel afraid to go anywhere. Of course, we have to eat, shop for groceries and our children have to go to school. How can we navigate life safely without worry about the threat of the Coronavirus?

Choose faith over fear. Focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Choose to focus on the best-case scenario as opposed to the worst case.

Be Proactive

Boost your immune system in the following ways:

  1. Tap twelve times on your thymus (upper chest) daily to wake up your immune system and bring it back online.
  2. Do lymphatic drainage along the jawline, pressing on the two points on your chest and down the outsides of both thighs to just above your knees. Massage about two-three minutes once a week.
  3. Take copious amounts of Vitamin C (1,000 mg or greater daily) to allow your white cells to be at their optimum level. Work up to greater amounts gradually so you don’t get diarrhea. Dr. Andrew W. Saul, an international expert on vitamin therapy, says, “The coronavirus can be dramatically slowed or stopped completely with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Bowel tolerance levels of C taken in divided doses throughout the day, is a clinically proven antiviral, without equal.” Olive leaf is also excellent in boosting the immune system (especially for the flu) and removing toxins from the body. Probiotics help to keep the gut microbiome health and ward off illness as well.
  4. Take cold showers. Wim Hoff has proven that cold water keeps the immune system primed and optimal. Allow the cold water to hit the upper chest to boost your immune system.
  5. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating roasted veggies allows them to keep their juices intact. Juicing is even more beneficial to boost the immune system. Avoid processed and fast foods, white bread and deep-fried food.
  6. Avoid sugar. White cells are negatively affected by sugar, sugar substitutes, even agave. Each time we consume sugar causes our immune system to become ineffective. Our gut health increases as well when we avoid sugars. Toxic Sugar YouTube video.
  7. Intermittent fasting. Fasting from 7:00 PM until 1:00 PM the next day counts as intermittent fasting. Fasting results in lower levels of oxidative stress in the body. What is the benefit? The body is more able to handle stress and reduced inflammation. Other ways of fasting involve eating a healthy diet for 5 days and fasting for two; keeping caloric intake between 500 and 800 for each of the two fasting days.

Best Practices To Avoid The Coronavirus

  • Wash your hands with soap while singing the chorus of a song (20 seconds) the moment you return home. Songs to wash your hands to Beat It, By Michael Jackson, Take Me Home Country Road, by John Denver, Rocket Man by Elton John
  • Remember to wash your hands before preparing food or touching your face, eyes or ears.
  • Keep your hands away from your face, eyes, and ears
  • Remember that being grounded and healthy is as much a mental thing as it is physical
  • Don’t wear a face mask to protect yourself from getting the Coronavirus. Most masks are dust protectors not germ preventative.


Daily meditation helps to reduce stress and ground the body. There was a time that I thought I couldn’t meditate. My mind was all over the place and I felt more stressed “trying to meditate,” then I did before I began. Here is how to overcome these feelings of negative results.

How To Meditate To Calm The Mind and Heal Naturally

Meditation For Beginners

  • Believe that you can.
  • Use this YouTube meditation I created early one morning to help you.
  • Anyone can meditate when they decide, so just decide.
  • Use a positive mantra “How can I make meditation easy?” OR “I am able to meditate easily.
  • Begin by finding a comfortable chair in a quiet place. I usually end up with a cat or dog in my lap as they love the energy of peaceful meditation. I stopped fighting my animals off me and made peace with their addition instead.
  • Sit up straight. Rest your hands on your knees in the Gayan mudra (hand position. Make an “O” with the tips of your thumb and index finger gently touching. This hand position quiets the mind.
  • Look up to the ceiling without lifting your chin. Turning your eyes toward the ceiling and holding your vision on the ceiling for a few minutes helps to quiet the mind.
  • Gently close your eyes.
  • Breathe in deeply and slowly into your lower belly. Exhale slowly and completely. Breathe in slowly and deeply.
  • Watch these videos and get further help below.

In this video, I explain exactly the process to use to meditate even when you believe that you can’t. It will walk you into a state of calmness so that your mind isn’t chattering at you.

How To Work With Jennifer

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Praise For Jennifer

I find Jennifer to be a compassionate understanding and generous with her help and guidance. I love how she gives practical solutions to real-world problems. Jennifer is a healer’s healer. She is well versed and multiple modalities and is highly effective. She is extremely talented and has helped me with challenges that I found others were not able to help me with and for that I am so grateful. She is a gentle powerhouse of a healer that gets the job done. Thanks for all you do. Blessings to you. De Barbour

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