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There was a time when the mention of Corona would bring a smile to many a beer lover’s lips as they envisioned the frosty bottle sitting in the sand while they lay nestled in a hammock on a tropical isle. Today, the word Corona has a very different connotation that we will remember forever as a time when toilet paper became treasured, and a simple handshake brought the fear of death. 

The fear of death is real. Many have died and significantly more will die. The loss of life is real. We all need to be careful to stay at home, wash our hands often and stay safe with social distancing.

For so many, the fear of living is more significant. “How will we survive? How will we feed ourselves when there is no paycheck at all?”

Indeed our world has changed. It needed to. We have stopped doing. We have stopped running. The constant movement is no more, except for those who walk, bike or run. Nothing keeps the fit still. For our children and pets, there is great relief. No longer do they worry when we will be back. Instead, our cats and dogs revel in our afternoon naps and their ability to eat at will.

As a healer, my work has sped up. So many need assistance. Anxiety and fear are at an all-time high. Instead of worrying about money and how they will live? The new worry is, “will I die?”

Death is the great equalizer. There is no discrimination here. Death does not spare the wealthy to focus on the poor. Everyone will die at some point. The question is, do we want to right now?

For the unenlightened, what was discovered is that waking up is painful. Fear is rampant among the unenlightened. Fear comes from a lack of faith—a focus on what might happen, rather than knowing that all will be well.

There Are Gifts

There are swans and dolphins swimming in the Venice canals since the Coronavirus shut down the city. The streets are empty in Los Angeles and New York reducing air pollution. People are staying at home with their families and getting to know one another. Mothers are discovering how wonderful and talented their children are. One of my client’s witnessed her daughter asking for a moment of her time if she wasn’t too busy several times. She had no idea how busy her life had been until now with her working full time away from the house. In the process, she reveled in how talented and gifted her daughter is. What a beautiful blessing togetherness can be.

Couples have time to luxuriate in bed making love for hours instead of having to rush through with enjoying themselves fully. Babies are being made!

Single people are discovering their personal truth and what they had neglected before now. There is more peace when we sit still rather than running from our existence or denying who we are.

Books are being read or written. Projects are completed. We are all able to slow down to a pace that doesn’t include rushing. Most of us are sleeping better and taking afternoon naps. Rest is needed for those so weary from work. People are restoring their bodies.

Then there is the fear and worry. Those that focus on the future live in worry. Those that live in the past become depressed. Below are my recommendations to live worry-free.

The Master’s Method For Fear Removal

  1. Focus on gratitude. When we awaken each morning, say a prayer: “Thank you for my life. Thank you for allowing me to live and enjoy another day.” With the focus on gratitude and living, we begin our day in joy rather than fear.
  2. Recognize the gift of each day. Waking up to be able to walk to the bathroom, drink a great freshly brewed cup of coffee, and watch a sunrise is a tremendous joy. Begin to revel in these beautiful moments. Don’t gloss over the simple things, enjoy them instead.
  3. Love who you are. The happier we are with who we have become, the higher the joy we experience for each day. If you don’t love who you are, hire me to help you recognize the beauty beneath the surface that you have hidden beneath the facade. 
  4. Love what you have and those with whom you share it. Without joy and gratitude for what we have, we are never happy with what we get.
  5. Love, your family. Family is a great gift. They teach us tough lessons, and they love us in their way. No matter what happened in the past, they did the best they could in your theater of life. Each person plays a role in helping teach us our lessons. Find joy in the experiences and the gifts that they gave us, and you will revel in each of these magnificent characters no matter how much they hurt you in the past.
  6. Breathe magic into each moment by staying present. Recognize what is happening now. Rather than focusing on what tomorrow might bring, or who did what to you in the past live in the moment. 
  7. Recognize that miracles only happen when we believe they will. 
  8. We are only powerful when we know ourselves and believe in who we have become.
  9. Life is only worth living when we are in it, rather than rushing to get out of it or wishing it was different. Only when we have gratitude for what we have will it all make sense and feel magnificently magical.

Life is a series of moments that take your breath away when we are present. Live each moment as if it is your last and it and you will be brilliant! Before long, we’ll be sitting by the beach enjoying that ice-cold Corona and smiling a knowing smile. Life is so perfect!

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