What Really Matters To You?

What really matters to you? Is it your dreams of owning a Ferrari, or a Mottoguzi bike? Or perhaps finding the elusive soul mate or making your first million dollars? I guaranfreakingtee you that what mattered in your thirties won’t matter a whip in your sixties. Why? Because material things don’t bring us lasting happiness.

You can’t sleep with your motorcycle and your Ferrari isn’t soft, warm, and cuddly on a cold winter’s night. That million dollars will come and go before you can blink an eye and the soul mate turns out to be a narcissist and a cheater. In the end, you are all alone.

I’ve had the million-dollar home, the two BMWs, and a house on a private estate. I’ve lived the country-club lifestyle and it doesn’t make you happy if you aren’t. None of this matters in the end. What does? It is the relationships we have with our neighbors, our children, and our clients. It is the connection with our bartender and shop owner. It is the gratitude and eye contact with the homeless man we give twenty bucks to while driving out of the Whole Foods parking lot on a cold winter’s night in Colorado.

What Matters Most

Sure, it is nice to have a luxury car to drive and a cozy home to live in. But when we reach the end of our life it is none of these things we think about.

We need emotional and physical health. We need to be emotionally balanced and happy. We need to be able to live safely in our community without fear.

Without work we love we feel useless and helpless. Doing work we hate makes us anxious, sick, and even desperate.

At the end of our life though, it is those we touched. It is the lives we changed and the people we loved that matters most. It is what we leave behind that lights us up when we leave our bodies. When we know we have mattered, that our life changed others we know we have lived well.


We like not being involved. We like anonymity. We like being detached from other’s pain. We enjoy not seeing the darkness that exists. We avoid the subjects that make us uncomfortable, like homelessness, sex trafficking, and child molestation, the movie stars, and politicians that are involved. The truth is that they exist. Do we turn our backs on these helpless people who cannot fight for themselves? Or do we turn our attention to the issues and decide to help where we can?

We blame others. We think our voice doesn’t matter and that one person can’t do anything to make an impact. We look the other way rather than standing up for the abuse of power. We might suspect a child is being abused but don’t want to report the situation. We don’t want to get involved. We don’t want to rock the boat. We are already involved because we live on this planet together. We all have a responsibility and that is to stand for what we believe and right these injustices.

The truth is our boat is sinking and we all have a chance to help change the world, to right the wrongs. We all need to be start bailing. We are all in this together. We occupy the same world.

Where I Live And Breathe

My life is blissful and abundant. However, the research I have done recently has taken me to some shocking realizations. What I thought was true isn’t. What I thought was fake isn’t. My head is spinning with how fast things are coming undone. I’ll help you navigate the next steps and months with techniques and methods that keep me solid, grounded in truth and love. Join me on my Friday night show for some ground-breaking truth, joy, and laughter.

Every other Friday night I am on the air on BBSRadio.com/sos for my show. This week Friday, May 8th, we’ll dive deep into what really matters. The subject is Suicide and Depression A Healthy Way Out.

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