Make Intuition Your Greatest Asset

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You Have The Gift!

Each of us has the gift of intuition. You have it, under the looping thoughts, noise, and mental chatter. The thoughts that buzz in our brain regularly can cause us to doubt the information we receive.

I remember back in 2001 when I would walk into my barn to load up my landscape trailer for my workday. A particular tool would be lit up with a halo, a glow that caused me to notice it. Today, that glow often surrounds someone I am shown by my High Self or Guides that I need to talk to. The truth though is I didn’t listen. In fact, I argued with that intuition, for the longest time. You see, I don’t know about you, I used to be stubborn.

Stubbornness is used by those of us who have been abused or molested. Stubbornness used to protect us. After we begin to awaken, it becomes a detriment. Stubbornness can cause us to drag our feet towards our greatest good, and who wants that? I certainly don’t!

The Small Part of Us

My ego was huge and over-inflated back then, I thought I knew better! I was filled with righteous indignation. Imagine that.

I thought I knew better than The Ascended Masters, my guides provided for me to assist me in my life. I doubted because I didn’t trust myself. 

There are three things that keep us from listening and trusting the guidance we receive. Some people think they don’t have “the gift.” Each of us has a gut instinct that guides us. We all receive intuitive guidance. 

Why Don’t I Hear It?

Often the mind is filled with endless thoughts, that loop, and repeat. “What is he thinking about me? Will she like me? What if I am not loved? Will I ever find happiness? What should I do today? What shall I eat…Why did I buy that? Why did I marry him/her?” 

The Three Things That Need To Happen

  1. Quiet the mind
  2. Trust ourselves
  3. Believe we can do it!

We have to quiet the noise. We need to silence that mind chatter so that the guidance can be heard. Meditation helps. Using a mantra to reprogram the crazy chatter and train the mind is extremely helpful. Those that have worked with me have reported that mantras are the single fastest way to silence the chatter. 

We must trust ourselves. Each of my self-love programs includes trust. Without self-trust, we don’t trust God, the universe, or even our High Self. When we have made bad decisions in the past we are likely dubious at best in the trust department. I know for me it was not easily available. In fact, I looked at my past and doubted myself and my abilities.

We must believe we can. Our beliefs govern our lives. Whatever we believe is what programs our minds. If we believe intuition is from the devil we won’t want to listen or trust it. Yet, even in the Bible, (John 14:12) Jesus is quoted as saying, “If you believe……this you can do and more!”

Here’s a quote from my dear friend, Wayne Dyer. 

“If you believe it will work out, it will. If you believe it won’t you will see obstacles.” Wayne Dyer

Listen in to the archive of my last radio show on OVERCOMING OBSTACLES

Whatever we believe is what runs our lives. If we believe we can be successful we will. Yes, we have to take action. However, the opposite is true, if we don’t believe in ourselves we will fail. Believing in ourselves is paramount for a happy successful life.

Sending You Love!

Humans need love. We need each other. Even when we are enlightened and “woke,” we need one another.

Being isolated can cause us to suffer, even become suicidal and seriously depressed. The truth is we need one another. We need hugs. We need to touch and be touched. Do you think the “powers that be know this?” Yes, they do. It is part of the plan to alienate us from one another and cause us to fear one another. Those wearing masks are alienated from those not wearing masks.

People are not making eye contact and are avoiding others as a general rule. We can’t see another’s smile under a mask. People smiling at us shows us love and understanding. In fact, in a Swedish study researchers showed subjects pictures of people expressing joy, anger, fear and surprise. When shown the image of someone smiling, they were asked to frown in return and could not.

Smiling at others positively affects those around us. Smiling releases neuropeptides and We lift others when they see us smile. So do you see the dark side of masking our expressions, now?

Fearing our fellow man divides us. We are weak when we stand alone. Remember “United we stand, divided we fall.” A very wise person coined that powerful phrase named Aesop from the 6th Century in Greece.

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Today I send you love and a huge energetic hug!

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