Clean Diet, Dirty Mind

You may have the most pristine diet in the world, however, if your thoughts are debilitating all that great food isn’t doing much good.

Clean up the filthy mind!
Yes, the author of a sex book
talking about cleaning up your dirty mind.

Why is a photo of my mother heading this post? On July 10, my mother turns 98! I am very proud of her healthy lifestyle. She still lives alone, drives a car, and cooks for herself. I am delighted to have had such a tremendous role model for health and a positive outlook.

What Does The Mind Have To Do With Health?


Our mind creates either perfect health or illness and physical problems. I nearly incited a riot on Facebook with the video above. It seems many people were not willing to recognize that the physical problems they had were created by their minds.

It’s not your fault. You didn’t know. It took me years to discover that my negative thoughts were literally killing me. Our thoughts either create perfect health or destroy our physical being and immune system.

The Signs of A Dirty Mind

  • you try to please others
  • you attempt to make others happy
  • you can’t be authentic
  • you are afraid of what people think of you
  • you beat yourself up with your thoughts
  • you feel you aren’t enough
  • you never miss the nightly news
  • you watch violent movies and shows
  • you feel you are too old, stupid or uneducated
  • you feel you are not enough
  • you live in fear
  • you don’t have self-respect
  • you don’t honor your wishes or personal truth
  • you hate sex
  • you hate men, women or yourself

It’s Not Your Fault

You didn’t know how powerful the mind is. Each of us is a powerful creator. We create our reality and health with the thoughts we think and the words we use when we speak to ourselves and others.

Our Mind Creates Illness

It is not enough to eat a healthy diet. Our minds must be pristine and program our cells to be healthy and vibrant. Self-love is the key to healing. We create illness with our mind and can forgive and heal illness by loving ourselves.

Not In My Reality

We don’t have to own the illness that a doctor diagnoses. Calling a disease ours imbues our body with ill health on a permanent basis. We can recover from many of the illnesses we have created.

Creating Cancer With Thoughts

My parents sat at opposite ends of the dining room table. My mother cooked home-made meals every night. My father ate the same food that my mother did, with one exception. He would talk about the latest discovery of cancer-causing foods he read about in the newspaper. As he ate his meals he would talk about how peanut butter and bacon caused cancer. His focus was on cancer.

My mother, on the other hand, said, “Nonsense! I don’t believe it for a minute!” My mother turns 98 tomorrow! My father sadly passed away nearly thirty years ago. What did he die of? You guessed it cancer! He embued his food with cancer-causing thoughts and created leukemia in his body.

Other Cases

Since I began telling people about the differences in my parent’s health I have heard of others who also focused on cancer-causing agents and got cancer also. The truth is we don’t want to focus on what we don’t want.

Change Your Focus

Clean up your mind with the following statements:

  • I am vibrantly healthy
  • I am enough
  • I am safe, protected, and loved.
  • Every day I get younger and younger
  • I love me
  • I am safe
  • I am fearless
  • I am protected
  • I am loved.
  • My body knows just what to do
  • Thank you for my vibrant health!

Author’s Note: no one else in my father’s family got cancer.

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