Lockdown Loneliness

A lockdown can add another dimension of loneliness. In this 8:46 minute video, I share how to overcome loneliness forever. When we BELIEVE that loneliness comes from being alone, we resist a connection which is not what you think.

Overcome Loneliness Permanently

Loneliness comes from a disconnection from ourselves. We can feel lonely with others. So loneliness doesn’t come from not having people around us. It comes from separation from the self. Self-abandonment (self-desertion) is what we have created by not being grounded in our bodies, disconnected from our true selves. We abandon ourselves when we attempt to make others happy or please them. Listen to my radio show on narcissism here.

Studies conducted by Brigham Young University professor of psychology and neuroscience;  Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, and Dr. Nancy Donovan, a psychiatrist who specializes in geriatrics and neurology at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Both have studied the effects of loneliness extensively and have conducted studies on the subject. They concluded that there are two types of loneliness: subjective and objective.

Objective loneliness refers to the state of being alone, or socially isolated and lonely. Subjective loneliness refers to the state of feeling lonely when not alone. Feeling lonely when not alone is an emotional issue.

Loneliness impacts our health negatively, shortening our life by 26%. Doing something about how you feel could increase your lifespan and prevent cardiovascular disease which is more likely for those who are lonely. There is hope.

Meditation Is The Answer

Believe it or not, meditating even remotely with a meditation buddy or alone connects us with all that is AND our true selves.

I thought I could never meditate because I couldn’t quiet my mind. I learned that using a mantra gave the mind something to do so that the crazy thoughts would stop being noisy.

We can feel lonely in a crowd or even in a marriage. If you are like me, you may have felt lonely when others were around and wondered why?

When we put others first and attempt to make other people happy we abandon ourselves. Self-abandonment is the cause of feeling lonely.

How To Meditate

  1. Sit upright with good posture in a chair or on the floor.
  2. Turn your eyeballs upward toward the ceiling for two-to-three minutes.
  3. Gently close your eyes.
  4. Place your thumb and index fingertip together to form a circle. Rest your hands comfortably on your thighs.
  5. Float a mantra, “I am loved.” or “I love me,” through the background of your mind. (My favorite mantra for meditation is, “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE DIVINE INSIDE ME.”
  6. Breathe slowly from the lower belly inhaling completely.
  7. Allow yourself to fully and slowly exhale.
  8. Repeat the mantra by floating it through the background of your mind.
  9. Wait a few seconds and float the mantra through your mind again.
  10. Use this Divine Presence Process Meditation video to assist you.

Why Meditate?

While prayer is when we talk to God and our Guides, meditation is where our guides, high self, and other high-level beings can talk to us. We can receive guidance, answers, and help through meditation that we didn’t know was available.

Meditation can increase our connection with The Divine, the universe ourselves, and everything around us. While meditating we are also connecting with thousands of others who are meditating at the same time. Meditation allows us to tap into our High Self and even receive answers about challenges that we have going on in our lives. We can ask questions while in meditation. Meditation can be interactive.

Sit with a journal on your lap and write down the information you receive. Writing in a journal can help you to remember information that you channel.

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Listen to my latest show to understand narcissists and how to deal with one.

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“Wow! I can even breathe!
I wouldn’t be awakened without Jennifer’s help. My life is the best it has ever been! Inside, I have peace where there used to be anxiety. I still have challenges, but I am able to navigate them with greater ease making decisions without fear.” Ashlee K.

“Jennifer is an absolute gem and helped me through a very tough patch in my life! I promise you will love her and her intuitive wisdom!” Anita Colleti

“Jennifer is an angel on earth! Not only is she an amazing intuitive healer, but so down to earth and easy to connect with. I have only known Jennifer for a short time, but I can feel her healing energy and am so appreciative of her guidance and healing in this crazy time! She truly cares about each individual and the entire collective of us all! Even if you aren’t working with Jennifer directly, her beautiful light is helping to heal the planet! Thank you, Jennifer, for being the amazing light being that you are! Much Love Always! ” Karla Niemi

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters CHtJennifer is a healed healer who has walked through the fire of transformation. She overcame diagnosed illnesses including cancer. What she discovered through her personal journey is that it is our mind that creates the illness. Her joyful attitude about life does not reflect the trauma of the past any longer. She shares her light and wisdom through powerful intuitive energy healing for transformational coaching for others. With an open loving and non-judgmental heart her clients receive incredible transformation and healing through her voice all over the world. Suffering emotional abandonment by a Borderline Personality and Narcissistic mother, molestation and physical abuse, she became terribly ill with Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, sinus infections and bladder infections, anxiety, and depression.

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  1. Gail Drew says:

    I have listened to some of your story. Mine is very similar. I’m presently receiving psychotherapy. Where can I purchase your book: It’s All Bullshit?
    Thank you!

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