When Being You Makes Others Uncomfortable

“The only time we are growing is when we are uncomfortable.” T. Harve Eker Author of the Millionaire Mind

It is not our job to make others comfortable, any more than it is our job to make them happy. Standing in our truth is the most important part of being sovereign. If we dim our light to make others feel better, we hurt ourselves in the process.

We Can’t Please Everyone

Not everyone is going to like us, and that’s okay. We are not here on this planet to make everyone comfortable. Remember what T. Harve Eker said above, “The only time we are growing is when we are uncomfortable.”

When we are authentic, we stop attempting to make others feel comfortable. We aren’t afraid to take up more space. We become unapologetically us. It is a very powerful place to know who you are authentically and shine brightly. Those that don’t feel good about themselves will attempt to get you to change so they feel …., comfortable!

People who put you down or criticize you for being you may attempt to use manipulation to get what they need for themselves. Manipulation is an unhealthy way for someone lacking emotional maturity uses to get their needs met.

People-Pleasing Makes Others Happy and Us Miserable!

Focusing on making others happy is a joyless task. When we attempt to please others we find ourselves wondering what happened to us? We begin to feel lost as our joy diminishes. We certainly don’t win any kudos. In fact, if you mentioned to someone what you did for them, the typical response is, “I never asked you to do it!”

For many of us that didn’t get the love we needed as children, we tried desperately to gain our mother’s love by trying to make them happy. When love is unconditional, unless we were perfect little children, love is withdrawn. Moving beyond our past and letting go of these old behaviors allows us to be authentic, powerful coaches, healers, and leaders.

Happiness Is An Inside Job

Our internal thoughts about ourselves either make us miserable or lift us creating joy. It is our focus and habitual thinking that matters. Furthermore, it is the job of each individual to create happiness for themselves. We can spend a lifetime and use our precious life force attempting but failing to make another person happy.

Joy comes from standing in our truth, authentically, without having to apologize for being you. It is a powerful place to be, just watch how brightly the sun shines on you!

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