It’s A Covid Christmas!

It has been a year like no other. Families are fighting over visits from loved ones which makes us wonder how loved we truly are. Out of state or country travel is being limited. Fear has taken the place of faith this Christmas. These are strange times.

Never have healthy people been so excluded from society today. Passers by avoid eye contact with those not wearing masks for fear that even looking at someone will give you the dreaded COVID!

Fear causes our vibration to drop. There is a protective device we all were given. I’ll let you in on the details.

Your Gift This Christmas

Each of us was gifted with Divinity. The Divine connection that protects us, keeps us safe, and makes us powerful is located in our solar plexus. The solar plexus is our power center. It is where we connect with our subconscious mind and God. The stronger our connection becomes, the less we need to worry about a virus or becoming ill. Our strength and power come from a deep connection with our PERSONAL DIVINITY (The Souce within.)

Correcting The Lie

We have been told many lies. The biggest and most manipulative is that God is a fierce judgmental being that will smite you if you as much as “think,” an evil thought. This lie has been perpetuated for thousands of years to control the population with fear. There is no validity in this lie.

You hold the key and the key is within you.

God is within each and every person on this planet. Once we become aware of this Divine Gift we step into the truth of who we are. We become the person we were meant to be. We can never be separate or alone once we recognize our connection to our personal Divinity and power. We have nothing to fear once we realize this connection.

Faith or Fear

Back in 2012, I found this connection. Since that time, I have never felt anxious, alone, nor have I been able to lie. Our Divine connection holds us to a higher standard, it makes us Co-Creators of our reality. It is a rare thing to feel afraid once we realize this connection.

How Can You Connect?

The easiest way is to begin a conversation. Just as you would talk to a newfound friend or a neighbor you ask questions, you speak what is on your heart and then you listen. Following are some methods you can use to connect.

  • sit in silence
  • meditate
  • pray
  • ask for help
  • breathe
  • journal

The Christmas Gift That Never Goes Away

Once we make this connection, it is never lost. It is part of what we are. It is what I help others see within themselves, as a healer and coach. I help those that can’t connect do so. Amanda (name changed to protect her identity) was one of these people that I helped realize who she is.

Case Study

Amanda came to me in terrible fear. She had two very challenging and abusive marriages as well as parents that were narcissists. We worked together for ten months on a weekly basis. During the course of this time together, I cleared the trapped emotions, fear, anxiety, depression for starters, and a desire to suffer from her field each week.

During our hourly session besides coaching the energy clearing served as a powerful tool to raise Amanda’s vibration eliminating the negative emotions which allowed her to become less reactive to life events and challenges.

The result of these sessions allowed Amanda to feel loved, accepted, appreciated, beautiful and radiate the natural light within her that had been disabled due to fear.

With a higher vibration and no fear, her immune system operated more efficiently, she became more confident and able to handle interactions with her exes. She looked more beautiful. She stood up straighter. She felt better than she had before.

Coaching and energy clearing is an efficient means to cut to the root cause that causes suffering. Through the Akashic Records, I receive clear guidance as to what my client needs at any moment. The Akashic Records are mentioned in Exodus in the Old Testament. The Akashic Records contain every thought, word deed, and emotion of every event that takes place for each soul on this planet.

What People Say After A Session

“Once again Jennifer thank you so very much for being there when i need you in a heartbeat. I truly feel love and you embody it where I feel more love from you than I have from my own parents or anyone else. Thank you 

I wanted to see if i could sit my ass down and finally place words on text so you could share if you want. But still, I don’t come close to how I feel with how you have awakened my soul, infinite love peace presence and so much more. 
I am so thankful and I appreciate everything Jennifer has helped me learn, FEEL, see, and embody in the past couple of years. Jennifer is an amazing soul who truly vibrates LOVE and with so many magical gifts that have helped me awaken to the true power within(and so much more), and to be able to see that I am the true creator of my reality (life) WOW!!

Once Jennifer starts peeling back the onion layers on us and we are willing to show up for ourselves, take responsibility, look and face things that we need to heal and thenLET GO of and grow from, truly feel self-love, and then embody that, then we will become an awakened unstoppable creator. And with her great gifts/talents of energy clearing and her audios, so we can have as tools on this journey of life, there’s no going back..So if you want to WAKE up, rise up, and take responsibility, understand that we hold the key inside us to transform ( Jennifer helps awaken that), and learn that we can create our reality, you are in the right spot. If you want to honestly change within so it reflects on the outside, you are in a great place…

Investing in yourself returns one hundred times the value back to you. I highly recommend Jennifer and support her work. So what are you waiting for we all deserve to be who we came here to be..” AshK

“I feel amazing, almost a little giddy!”

“I slept incredibly well and though it may have taken a few hours for the switch to be flipped, I feel incredibly well and so much different than before our session, yesterday! I feel high on life!” Rosemary D.J.

Book your Discovery call with Jennifer today. Her expertise lies in helping people recover from the trauma that took place decades ago. She is not like any other coach or healer. She utilizes her personal journey and experience which gives her insight and wisdom, The Akashic Records which delve into the depth of your soul, energy clearing from a deep and very powerfully connected place. You will not be disappointed!

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