How To Be Happy With Yourself

The greatest gift to yourself

When I was codependent and had a lot of issues in my life, I did not realize that my biggest problem was me!

I used to believe that I needed to fix other people. The truth was the person I needed to fix was me. We spend a lifetime focusing on others when the one we need to focus on is us.

Everything in the world comes from us.

For example, I kept attracting men that were emotionally unavailable when I was emotionally unavailable.

Instead of examining and asking ourselves questions. Maybe I am too worried about everyone else. When we turn our focus inward and notice the void and filling it with love, rather than looking for others to complete us. I was looking for the other person to fill me up and “make me happy!”

The happier we are with ourselves, the better life becomes. By focusing on ourselves and observing our reactions, triggers and seeing what we need to work on, life becomes better.

We haven’t sunken in to feel who we are. When we get a glimpse of it, we become scared. What can help us sink in?


Sitting in Silence

Quiet The Mind Chatter


Your past experience may lead you to doubt yourself. Instead of bashing ourselves, berating ourselves, be kind and forgiving to yourself. Loving yourself anyway, from the ground up.

The foundation for a happy life is self-love. The greatest fear of all is the fear we have of ourselves. Get to know who you are. Ask yourself, when do you feel the happiest? What allows you to feel contentment?

Doing work we love allows us to feel content. Filling our own cup up first is the foundation for a happy and successful life.

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