How To Get The Fastest Transformation Possible

When despair, pain, loneliness become a way of life, we want something to remove us from our misery quickly. Life doesn’t have to be a burden. Nor does it need to cost a gazillion dollars to find something that shifts us rapidly.

In the thirty-five plus years of self-discovery and learning, the one thing that changed my life the fastest was The Akashic Records.

From channeling several books to healing heart-break to helping thousands of clients evolve and become self-realized The Akashic Records resolved and transformed the lives not only of myself but my clients.

Why Are The Akashic Records So Powerful?

  • you are communing with the highest light, God energy
  • you receive and feel the magnitude of the love the Ascended Masters have for you
  • you begin to live in a judgment free zone
  • the information from the Akashic Records is never wrong
  • the guidance you receive allows you to manifest in the moment
  • you learn to trust yourself as you commune in this high vibrational energy
  • your energy is raised
  • your IQ increases
  • you begin to radiate love from within
  • people are attracted to your light
  • using this tool helps your clients, family and yourself

A Vehicle For Transformation

The more frequently you access The Akashic Records the more you heal yourself and others. It is an ever-upward spiral of loving energy that propels you in your life and work. As you commune with The Ascended Masters your heart begins to open and the information changes lives, not only yours.

The products you create become more powerful. There is ease in your writing, course creation and communication with others. Rather than forcing things to happen you step into a state of allowing.

Living in the moment allows you to experience more joy, connection and greater creativity than you ever thought possible.

Manifesting Quickly

Manifestation happens far more quickly with the help of the Akashic Records. You can discover a lot about yourself by diving into your Soul Records.

How Your Life Improves

  • you get to the root of your deepest issues quickly
  • asking questions of the Ascended Masters gives you what you need to transform quickly
  • discovering the issues holding you back changes your life
  • the information comes without judgment
  • you feel completely loved and accepted
  • The Ascended Masters never lie
  • Your faith in life is restored

My Story

Bali, Indonesia

In September 2010, I traveled to Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Over the course of the two-weeks in I meditated, chanted, and learned how to read The Akashic Records. Within the next year, I bi-located, became enlightened, and ever since that time have not felt lost, lonely, or alone no matter how alone it appeared that I was.

My relationships with family members transformed. I narrowed my niche, doubled my income, and moved to three different places I never thought I could ever afford, Ojai was one of them. I was guided into a Lexus dealership where the perfect car at the perfect price in the color I wanted was waiting for me! A Lexus with heated seats, a power screen on the rear window, sun/moon roof all way better than I could have ever created myself. The Ascended Masters guide my life in ways that have protected me and guided me away from life-threatening danger.

Protected From Harm!

  • In May 2013 I was guided to leave my home in Rosamond, California with my daughter, Ariel. This trip likely saved both of our lives as we were away from a huge sandstorm that took multiple lives and involved 20 cars in one pile-up and 5 in another. My daughter’s school was in Lancaster where the 60 mph winds were gusting.
  • Boulder, Co floods 18 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. I was visiting Boulder Colorado through September 11, 2013, and was guided to leave by 5:15. The guidance I received was adamant which saved us navigating a flooded basement at my friend’s home and landslides.

I could go on, from falling asleep at the wheel while driving from Georgia to Boulder in 2011, and protected from harm on a highway to a move to Boulder, CO in the middle of Covid to be near my children. Life has become magical.

Let the Ascended Masters uplevel your life in the greatest of ways. I’ll see you on the two-hour zoom call to do laser coaching and answer any questions you have about the course.

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