In The Blink of An Eye

In the blink of an eye, life changed forever for ten innocent people shopping for their groceries at a King Soopers in Boulder, Colorado on Monday, March 23rd.

For the families of the ten shooting victims, life will never be the same. Life is precious. It must not be taken for granted as we never know when it can be taken away.

No One Is Immune

This tragic incident affects us all. We are all connected. When one is harmed, we are all harmed in some way. We may begin to live in fear of going to the grocery store. Our families may worry about us more than usual.

I learned about the shooting while driving from Denver from a friend on Facebook. I might have been at that King Soopers as it is only five and a half miles from my home. I was one of the lucky ones.


An event where people are killed causes trauma. We are horrified by the senselessness of it all. Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. For you it could be the effects of COVID on your family, or cancer. We are reminded to love our family members and let them know how much they mean to us.

As the texts began to pour in from friends in Ojai and family in Canada I wept. I wasn’t alone in my anguish. We must find the silver lining to navigate our sadness and deep emotions. Feeling deep gratitude for being safe begins the process of letting go for our family members that are safely tucked away in their homes.

I am shocked to my core that such a tragedy could happen in my town. Boulder is a safe place, or so I thought.

What Cities Are Safest?

I began to research the safest cities in America following are the ten safest cities to live in: Sunnyvale, California in Silicon Valley is number one with Honolulu, Hawaii being second. Bellvue Washington is the third safest, Cary NC, fourth Alexandria, VA rolls in at number five, San Jose, CA, sixth, McAllen, TX is the seventh safest, Freemont, CA eight, Salem, OR is nine safest, Frisco, TX number ten.

Each of us has the power to make a difference

What Can You Do?

Each of us matters. What we think and feel affects the collective field that surrounds our earth. The collective consciousness affects all of us and our planet. Each of us is responsible for cleaning up our energy field and becoming happy with ourselves to help the world. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Learn to move emotions.
  2. We can do Kundalini Yoga to heal our addictions including thoughts and that bog our energy down.
  3. Meditate daily
  4. Sit in silence
  5. Chant
  6. Get an energy clearing to raise your vibration and eliminate heavy emotions


Prayer helps us as well as those we pray for. Last night I prayed for the police officer and his family and those that died shopping for their groceries. I prayed for the fathers, brothers, sisters, and mothers that died yesterday. Prayer helps us and those that we pray for. When we feel worried, pray. When we feel afraid pray. Prayer can calm our nerves and ease our worried minds. Praying was what began to heal my anxiety thirty years ago.

How To Use Prayer To Improve Your Life


No matter how dark the deed, how horrific the trauma we must forgive to be able to move on. Forgiveness allows us to let go rather than hold onto the past. We cannot be happy without forgiving those that hurt us.

How To Use The Ho’Oponopono Prayer to Forgive

No matter the trauma we endure, until it is released and the emotions cleared we continue to live in a state of suffering. I know it all too well as I resided there for decades.

You don’t have to go through life alone and struggling. It took me over thirty years to get to the place of inner peace, joy and happiness where I began to look younger, rather than my chronological age. Joy removes the pain. Letting go of despair illuminates your radiance allowing you to glow from the inside out. Book your FREE discovery session with me and see how your life and world can change from the inside out!

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