Climbing The Ladder of Consciousness Healing Emotions

Our pain can bring us power, once we recognize how to move up the ladder of consciousness.

Pain to Power

When our emotions are intense, it is difficult to function. We might be stuck in sadness or grief, revealing anger and rage from time-to-time but how can we get to the other side quickly?

The number one question I am asked, “How can I overcome feeling my emotions so deeply?”

We’re going to dive into this subject, revealing a few tweaks you can make that will illuminate what is really going on with tools to help you navigate emotional trauma more quickly.

Emotions Our Greatest Problem or Best Tool?

What makes us human is our emotions. Recognizing we have power once we recognize the way to work through these tricky emotions is the key. We don’t want to numb our emotions, or we can’t feel anything, even joy, or peace.

Moving Through Intense Emotions Easily

Bach Flower Remedies

When we need a little help with grief, Bach Flower remedies Star of Bethlehem is a great aid. It allows the energy to move freely, opening up the heart for tears to flow. Crying is a way for the body to process grief and heal. When we are unable to cry the emotions are stuck.

Trapped emotions mean a closed heart. When our heart is closed we cannot give or receive love.

Our hearts are the most powerful part of our body


Forgiveness allows us to let go of pain and suffering. Forgiveness doesn’t excuse the behavior, but allows us to let go and move beyond the challenge personally. It relieves us from the burden and pain. Forgiveness is for us, not the other person.

When we refuse to forgive, our hearts are stuck in the closed resentful position which doesn’t allow a flow of love. Gallstones may result from holding onto resentment. Long-standing resentment could mean gallbladder removal.

Three Simple Techniques To Eliminate Negative Emotions

Kundalini Yoga is a transformational form of yoga. If you want to move emotions and transform your life, I highly recommend beginning with this simple breathing exercise. It resets your mind and emotions in as little as 11 minutes. Where else can you get that kind of relief simply with breating in and out?

Can’t Do This Alone?

I have room in my practise for one VIP client. If you are committed to transforming your life and world, book your free DISCOVERY call here to see if we are a good fit. What can be the result? You overcome your past trauma and become self-realized all at the same time! What does this mean? All areas of your life improve. You move beyond suffering and into the flow of Grace and Bliss! I look forward to connecting with you.

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