Finding Joy This Mother’s Day

Those that have a good relationship with their mothers have loving and close romantic partnerships also.

Tell me about your mother, and I’ll tell you about you. Our relationship with our mother evolves over time. As we learn and grow to lovingly accept ourselves we also become more loving and accepting toward everyone else, including our mothers.

Everyone Has Had Trauma

The key to happiness is rising above the events of the past, forgiving, letting go, and using the challenges to become better humans, more loving mothers ourselves, more accepting, and evolved.

No matter the type of childhood we had, there was a trauma of some kind. We didn’t get the attention, or love we felt we should. Our mothers were highly critical or lacked empathy. Perhaps she was never happy with anyone we brought home to date or marry. No one was ever good enough for her little girl!

All these issues are the ways we were impacted.

We forget that our mothers had their personal trauma. They were molested. They were orphaned. They experienced hardship. Some of these stories were never told.

A Toxic Parent Highlights Our Weaknesses

Eventually, we come to a place where we recognize we are better because of what we went through. We become stronger, more empowered, and self-sufficient because we are survivors. We are the sum of all our parts. We become stronger where we were wounded. We wrap light and love around those tender parts of ourselves. Rather than becoming hard-hearted, we soften. We become more accepting and compassionate.

Finding Gratitude For Our Experience

Everything is meant to serve us rather than take us down. We are not meant to suffer in silence endlessly. We are meant to tell our story helping others with it. Write our memoir, paint the self-portrait, write the song, movie script or do the Ted Talk.

Everything Has A Purpose

You are becoming a much greater version of yourself as you heal. As the numbness falls away with the anxiety, depression, and health issues, you find the truth of your being. You are not weak. You are not worthless. You are not helpless or useless.

You are way greater than your pain. This pain kicks you in the butt until you shake it lose and realize you aren’t your pain. You don’t need to suffer. You can be happy being you. When you recognize the power you hold and the strength that you have, you become unstoppable.

You are not your story. The experiences you endured made you a gorgeous and fabulous individual with incredible understanding and talents that no one else has. You have been forged with fire. You are the Phoenix! As a result, you are amazing!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you today. Everyone has a mother and yours made you walk through fire to reveal the truth of who you are. I am so proud to witness your metamorphosis. I love seeing how you have grown. It is your incredible radiance that shines through, even when your eyes are filled with tears. Tears don’t make you weak, they release stress and bring out their beautiful color!

You are magnificent and I am proud to know you!

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