What’s In Your Heart This Holiday?

The season of giving can be very stressful if we aren’t focused on the love within our hearts. Love of ourselves sets the tone for a happy life and relationships. Once we become happy with ourselves it is amazing how naturally things begin to unfold beautifully.

As long as we are fighting with our truth, pretending to be something we are not, we find flaws and faults with everyone and everything else. Focusing on the love inside us gets us to the joy that is our birthright. Fanning the flames of love within our hearts takes diligence and consistency. Every day we need to tell ourselves the following:

  • I love and approve of myself
  • My good lies before me
  • I am loved
  • I am safe
  • I am protected
  • I am grateful for my life

All Alone For The Holidays?

Love Yourself Enough For Two!

Most of us didn’t get the type of love we needed as children. To overcome the deficit we feel, we must begin to parent ourselves. Rather than being critical and berating ourselves, we need to right the wrongs of the past and change the way we think and view ourselves. Our minds are incredibly pliable and programmable. We just need to feed positive thoughts into the supercomputer that is our minds. Not all the thoughts we think are even ours. We pick up thoughts and fear from mass consciousness, which is why in our sessions, I ask permission to unplug you from the mass consciousness. So much in the energy field surrounding us come from others’ fears, not even our own.

I recommend that my clients love themselves enough for two. When we fill our own cup, rather than looking for love OUTSIDE of ourselves, we learn that love, respect, loyalty, and intimacy can be ours when we stop running away from ourselves. Society teaches us to live upside down and backward. That the extrinsic (material things) will make us happy. Which is a bald-faced lie. No car, house, or relationship will make us happy for any length of time if we aren’t happy with ourselves.

Whether you are alone for the holidays this year or able to enjoy it with family and friends, the more loving and accepting we are of ourselves, the more positive experiences we attract. When we stop being needy and love ourselves the way we are as we are, love begins to flow from us and to us.


Sit in silence and feel the love of the universe for you. Expand the love in your heart so that it surrounds you like a huge bubble of pink. Feel this love cascading back toward you. Send it out and back around to you again and again. Notice how much more positive you feel when you fill your own cup, rather than look for someone else to do it for you.


The way nature responds to us is a good indication of how open our hearts are. Deer will stop running away, birds feed out of our hands and dogs rush up to us on hiking trails, smiling rather than barring their teeth. Babies can feel our energy. They look at the top of our heads where our aura is bright and lit up. Practice being the love you wish to find in the world. Love yourself enough for two and watch how your world begins to change.

Whatever you do this holiday season, be sure to get out in nature and take care of yourself first. Getting run down over the holidays is a real thing. Rest. Take an afternoon nap and make sure to eat more than Christmas cookies for breakfast! Healthy foods like salads, fresh vegetables, and fruits will take you far. Vitamins C, Zinc, and vitamin D will help stabilize your immune system. Rest. We need to be reminded that sleep is the best way to keep our immune system functioning at its optimum level.

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